Ellen DeGeneres’ Return, Welcome or Not?

After a hiatus from the public eye amidst controversy surrounding her daytime talk show, Ellen DeGeneres is making a comeback. On Wednesday, April 24, she took to the stage at Largo in Los Angeles to perform a stand-up set, marking her return to comedy and addressing head-on the challenges she’s faced over the past few years.

Ellen DeGeneres at home (screen capture)

Ellen found herself embroiled in controversy in June 2020 when Buzzfeed News published an article alleging a toxic workplace environment on her show, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” Despite her signature sign-off of “be kind” at the end of each episode, accusations emerged that she presided over a less-than-friendly workplace culture. DeGeneres responded with apologies, both privately to her staff and publicly on camera. However, the fallout was significant, with key staff members departing and viewership declining.


Now, Ellen is confronting her tumultuous journey with humor. During her stand-up set, she didn’t shy away from the tough topics. She joked about being “kicked out of show business” and becoming the “most hated person in America” due to the allegations. Despite the humor, she acknowledged the pain and devastation she experienced during that period, admitting that it took a toll on her self-esteem.

In her set, Ellen reflected on the impact the scandal had not only on herself but also on her wife, Portia De Rossi. She spoke candidly about the difficulty of facing public scrutiny and the emotional toll it took. However, she also expressed resilience, acknowledging that this wasn’t the first time she faced adversity in Hollywood. Referencing the cancellation of her sitcom “Ellen” in the ’90s after she came out as gay, DeGeneres emphasized her ability to persevere despite setbacks.

While Ellen admitted to struggling during her time out of the spotlight, she revealed that she’s been keeping busy with philanthropic endeavors and personal hobbies like gardening and caring for her pet chickens. Despite the challenges, she expressed optimism about the future, declaring, “I am dancing now.”

Ellen DeGeneres’ resurgence in comedy prompts a moment of reflection: Did we, as a collective, rush to judgment without affording her the benefit of the doubt?


In the wake of allegations surrounding her talk show’s workplace environment, DeGeneres faced a barrage of criticism. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that these claims, largely fueled by online discourse, lack concrete evidence beyond hearsay and speculation.

As Ellen steps back into the limelight, her willingness to confront the controversy with humor underscores the complexity of her journey. While the past few years have undoubtedly posed challenges, her resilience shines through as she embraces laughter and authenticity.

Perhaps it’s time for us to reassess our knee-jerk reactions and consider the broader context. Ellen’s return serves as a reminder of the importance of granting individuals the benefit of the doubt and fostering a culture of empathy and understanding.

As we welcome Ellen back to the stage, let’s approach her comeback with an open mind and a renewed commitment to compassion. After all, in a world often quick to judge, it’s worth pausing to consider if we’ve all jumped the bandwagon without truly giving her the chance to be heard.

I personally welcome back Ellen, as she steps back into the spotlight, Ellen serves as a reminder that perseverance and a sense of humor can be powerful antidotes to negativity. With her return, she invites us to focus on the joy of laughter and the resilience of the human spirit, inspiring us to embrace positivity and kindness in the face of challenges.

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  1. No. Staff could not get a day off to go to a funeral. You should read up on the accusations of what people were put thtough. Including how she would demand people tell her items they did not want to . Yet she did not do it in return. She has to own it. Not disregard what happened under her watch and how she also contributed to it. Her feelings were hurt. Yet the damage she did to her staff and yes guests of bullying is evident. Learn. Apologize. Then try to be kind.


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