Ellen Rewards Gay College Student For LGBT Efforts

Ellen Degeneres changed the life of a gay college student who was in her audience on Monday. The very tall audience member, Trent Bauer, who thought he was just part of a regular “White Men Can Dance—with Twitch” segment, was pleasantly surprised to find out that his friend Stephanie Knauer had written to Ellen to express admiration for the incredible work Trent has been doing on their college campus.


With the help of Cheerios and their One Million Acts of Good, Ellen rewarded Trent with $10,000 to continue his efforts as coordinator of the Shippensburg LGBT center.

Here’s the letter that was written by BFF Stephanie:

Dear Ellen, I want to tell you about the most selfless and special person I know and his name is Trent Bauer. He’s your biggest fan. He spent his entire college career fighting for gay rights and was even nominated for homecoming king because of all the good that he does. Trent has a heart of gold. He’s the definition of a true angel. Ellen, thank you for inspiring Trent to be the guy that he is.

Take a look at the video see how a little good can go a long way. And can he be any cuter with those tears of job?

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