Elton Tells All, A Janitor inspires, A Drag Queen Gets Back Up, We’re Going Greek, & Much More

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Out Presidential Candidate Scores In CNN Town Hall

Pete Buttigieg could be a contender in 2020.

We’re not the only ones getting inspired when hearing him speak!


A Church’s Gay Janitor Cleans Up On ‘American Idol’

The pastor’s son won over the judges with a song about heaven


Pelosi – Passing the Equality Act a Top Priority

Will we see clear, comprehensive non-discrimination protections for LGBTQ people across the US?


This Man’s Wants To Be San Diego’s First Openly Gay Mayor

With experience as acting-mayor and state assemblymen, he’s a solid choice.


Pentagon Issues New Rules On Transgender Troops

The ‘almost ban’ goes into effect in 30 days


LGBTQ Adults Surveyed: Growing Interest In Having Families

What is leading advocates to project an increase in the number of LGBTQ+ families?


Elton John To Release Official Autobiography

“So many books that have been written about me haven’t exactly been truthful”

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Right-Wing Nut Fakes Threats From Made-Up Gay Twitter

Jacob Wohl might be facing charges of filing false police report


Kahanna – The Newest Eliminated Queen Is Rebounding Nicely

With New Music & A Fresh Perspective, We Have Not Seen The Last Of This Vegas Showgirl


Reddit: Straight Guys Share Their “Gayest” Moments

Some mentioned horseplay, some were funny, some quite touching


We Need to Talk About Nyle DiMarco’s Shorts

America’s Next Top Bulge. VPL Is In!


Canadian High School Rocked By Online Burn Book

100 students were called “fa****s” and racist terms.


The Making of Greeks Come True 2019 Calendar Is Alive

No more paper cuts for the very NSFW video has been released


Why I’m Thrilled World Pride is Happening in NYC

This will be our Olympics in many, many ways.


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