Elvis Duran And His Longtime Partner Get Engaged!

Elvis Duran, who has been one of the most popular radio personalities over the past 20 years,  has met and interviewed some of the biggest stars in Hollywood over his time on air. Something much more special happened to him outside of his job on Friday, as he got engaged to his partner of nearly eight years!


His now fiancé, Alex Carr, shared a video of him getting down on one knee which shocked the heck out of Elvis while doing so. The video shows him on said knee and opening up an umbrella with the words “Elvis, Will You Marry Me” written all over it. A stunned Elvis then got completely emotional after reading what was written. He posted a photo from the moment afterwards as well.

Alex uploaded both on his Instagram and captioned it with “Yesterday was Friday the 13th. People believe that the day brings bad luck, but I totally disagree. I was born on Friday, June 13th. I’ve always considered myself to be lucky and blessed, as I was when Elvis came into my life almost 8 years ago…first as my boyfriend and now fiancé!!!! They say opening umbrellas in the house brings bad luck, but this time I don’t believe it. I love you Elvis Duran!”. Aww!

Elvis shared the same photo and another one with him and their dog which proudly displayed the rings on their finger.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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