Emilien Vekemans Talks All About ‘The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself’

Emilien Vekemans has people falling for his latest portrayal in the Netflix series ‘The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself,’ wherein he plays the role of the charismatic Gabriel.


In a recent interview with Digital Spy, the actor talked about his character’s queer romance with co-star Jay Lycurgo’s Nathan, their rooftop kiss, as well as their polyamorous relationship with Nadia Parkes’ Annalise.

First off, Vekemans explained Gabriel and Nathan’s relationship and the similarities that bonded them.

“About the relationship, it was really to try to connect the two characters in a very truthful way. It was really about two characters that… you don’t think at first sight they’re going to end up together. But little by little, you get a feeling that they can relate to each other, because they have the same weakness, and there are things they can relate to each other.

Like, they’re both kind of orphans. They both have been abandoned by their parents in some way. That’s really something that we worked on with Jay. We talked a lot about it when we were in prep, like: what’s really the thing that they have in common? It’s really this thing about feeling alone in their story,” he shared.


The actor added,

“So that was really interesting, to go into the romance through something that is very pure. That was one of the goals, and I hope we reached it.”

Vekemans also talked about Gabriel and Nathan’s kiss on the roof, which of course, the viewers absolutely loved.


“It was something so important in the story of our two characters. We had talked about that a lot before it happened. And we became, also, good friends during the whole process. So this moment came very naturally, I would say, because… I think it was meant to happen in their story,” he stated.


The actor continued on by expressing how he felt while shooting the scene, which showed his intense on-screen chemistry with Lycurgo:

“When we had to do this scene, it was a great moment, and was kind of my best memory of shooting, because we were on this roof. It was all locations – natural locations. And it ended with this nice stunt at the end of it – you know, Joe Barton’s signature of ending a scene with a stunt.”

Moreover, Vekemans somehow confirmed the polyamorous relationship between Gabriel, Nathan and Annalise stating,


“It’s the central vibe you have at the end. We end up really together as a trio. We talked a little bit about that. But it appears way more now, I think, when we look back at the series and the story, we’re like: there’s really something between the three of them that is very interesting, and is now organic.”

He then added what seems to be a teasing statement for a potential Season 2:


“I wonder, if there’s a season two, if it’s something that’s going to be developed. I’m sure. I’m not sure – but I am.”

And when asked about what he hopes for the show if ever there would be a second season, the actor answered,

“I think it’s the relationship between [Gabriel and Nathan] that’s really interesting. Where can it go? What’s going to be…”


Manifesting for Season 2… In the meantime, ‘The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself’ is now available for streaming on Netflix.

Source: digitalspy.com

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