Emirates Airlines is Censoring LGBTQ Content During Flights

Have you been watching Killing Eve on Hulu? Well if you haven’t checked out this dark comedy that is full of same-sex love and tension—aside from LOTS of killing—you might want to queue up your selections and check out Sandra Oh in your Golden Globe-snatching role as Eve Polastri. Some of the kissing scenes are too hot for people—so much so that they are being censored! I mean, I’ve seen worse—WAY worse—so people need to calm the F down. If you are planning to take an Emirates flight anywhere in the world you won’t be able to appreciate Killing Eve for the seductive work of television that it is. The Standard has reported that Killing Eve is among a selection of titles that is being censored on Emirates flights.


Along with the boy-on-boy bathroom stall kiss in Ladybird, same-sex kisses have been cut from the in-flight entertainment. Heterosexual kisses, such as those in Notting Hill with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, remain untouched, reports The Standard.

Emirates says this about their in-flight entertainment:

Watch movies, play games and listen to music on board

Fall in love with a classic romance. Lose yourself in the latest edge-of-your-seat series. Or create a playlist of your favourite songs. Let our inflight entertainment take you to places you won’t find on a map.

Choose from up to 4,000 channels of movies, TV shows, music and games, on demand and in multiple languages. And we have a selection of entertainment with Audio Description and Closed Captioning.

Notice they said CLASSIC romances.

A spokesperson for the world’s fourth largest airline said:

Emirates does not have rights to edit any licensed movie or TV content, as we acquire content produced by the studios and distributors. Emirates acquires mostly theatrical unedited versions of content, but as a family friendly airline serving an international audience, where there is excessive violence, sex, nudity or language, we opt to license the edited versions created by the studios/distributors.

So there you have it—if you want titillating in-flight entertainment to go with your dry pretzels, fly American.

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h/t: The Standard


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