Emma Stone Goes “Adult” In SNL Skit

Screenshot via YouTube @Saturday Night Live

Get ready for a good one.

Last night on Saturday Night live, Emma Stone hosted the late-night comedy show and delivered one of her best performances yet.


The La La Land star played the role of a struggling actress who will stop at nothing to understand her character. Even if that character appears in a gay adult film.

Yes, Stone is not afraid to get herself dirty (and certainly not slippery), and she gave her all with this entertaining video down below. So if you ever wanted to know just how much work goes into performing that “cheated woman” character in your favorite gay scene, and see adult film star Ty Mitchell on national tv, check out the SNL video below.

As gay men, many of us have seen this type of character before. Two guys are having fun in an adult film, and here comes a woman to either be shocked by the passionate display or be completely unaware of it.


Honestly, we don’t know why these scenes and characters have taken over adult films, but they have. And then one role took over the internet.

The “Right In Front Of My Salad” meme took over the internet in 2017. It then took people a few days to realize that the original quote came from a “cheated woman” character in a gay adult film scene.

Images via Men.com


But now, it looks like Emma Stone is making a claim for the “cheated woman” crown with her SNL skit. Will the internet fall in love with her video just as much as the salad one? We’ll see in time.

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