Enough With The Turkey! Get Ready For The Top 20 Drag Brunch Countdown

Okay so you’re still in a turkey coma and will likely be inundated with thanksgiving leftovers throughout the weekend. But soon that will all subside and you’ll be ready to get your eat on with a return to that favorite American pastime with-a-twist, known as ‘Drag Brunch.”


The US is a hotbed for drag enthusiasts, with people across the country enjoying various brunches dedicated to the art and illusion of it all. When it comes to what states boast the most drag-a-licious brunches, some places outshine others but they all offer their own take on this pop culture phenomenon dining extravaganza.

Of course, there are the hot spots you’d expect to serve up the drag dramatics that brunch-goers crave; Atlanta, NYC, and Miami come to mind. But a recent Top 20 list compiled by our friends over at Nasty Galaxy reveals you can also find some top-notch drag brunches with stellar performances in surprising regions throughout America.

I have only ever been to two drag dining events in my life, once at LIPS and once at the old location of the Palace Bar in Miami. A lot has evolved since my last outing into the Dragmosphere, so I’m really excited by Nasty Galexy’s due diligence in creating this list. But, how did they do it, you ask? Well … 

After scouring the internet for the most fantastic drag brunch events, Nasty Galaxy gathered the data — aka ‘receipts’ on what people, aka restaurant patrons, think the best destinations are for high heels and feathers, good eats, and unlimited-bottomless whatevers! Their methodology included ranking each location by price as well as a review scoring system.


The deciding factors:

  • Price  – The cost of the brunch
  • Drinks – The bottomless drinks on offer
  • Reviews  – The number of 4 & 5-star reviews
  • Duration – How long the brunch lasts

Ready for the Top 10?  

Here Are The Best Drag Brunches in the US:



#10 A MAY Zing Sundays

Venue: Chill Bar Palm Springs

Location: Palm Springs, California

#9 Troy Beer Garden Drag Brunch


Venue: The Troy Beer Garden

Location: Troy, New York

#8 Broadway Drag Brunch

Venue: LIPS


Location: New York City

#7 Queens & Cocktails Drag Show + Brunch

Venue: Vertigo Fusion Kitchen

Location: Columbus, Georgia


#6 R House Drag Brunch

Venue: R House Wynwood

Location: Miami, Florida

#5 Drunken Drag Brunch


Venue: Mangoes Restaurant

Location: Key West, Florida

#4 Mad Myrna’s Drag Brunch

Venue: Mad Myrna’s


Location: Astoria, New York City

#3 A Synful Drag Brunch

Venue: The Artemis

Location: Washington DC


#2 Decadent Drag Brunch Bingo for The Krewe of Narcissus

Venue: New Orleans Ladies Ballroom, Inc.

Location: Terrytown, Louisiana

And Number One … Drum Roll Please …



#1 of Love & Regret’s Drag Brunch

Venue: of Love & Regret


Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Yup, who woulda thunk it. Nasty Galaxy concludes that out of all 50 states, Maryland has the best drag brunch scene in the country. Home to the iconic SADBrunch and DIVA Royale Drag Queen show, Maryland’s ‘of Love & Regret’s Drag Brunch’ came out top! 

The brunch is hosted by drag superstar Pariah Sinclair, delivers a true feast for the senses, and offers bottomless mimosas and cocktails. According to Nasty Galaxy, you get four and a half hours of live entertainment for just $26, including excellent food, booze, and fun!

Here is the complete Top Twenty list for you to review and visit the best drag brunch nearest wherever you are in the country. Or book travel to the number one destination ‘of Love & Regret’s Drag Brunch’ in Maryland — a great state known for giving everybody crabs —without the need for medical attention.

Here’s the Full Top 20! See if your favorite spot made the list!

h/t Nasty Galaxy 

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