Enter The “Momager”-Is Kris Jenner Joining “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”?

Throughout its decade on the air, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has cast everyone from soap stars (Eileen Davidson, Lisa Rinna) to restauranteurs (original cast member  Lisa Vanderpump) to child stars (original cast members Kim & Kyle Richards). If the latest casting rumor making the rounds comes to fruition though, it will be, in Andy Cohen’s words, “a big get”. As Keeping Up With The Kardashians ends its genre-defining run on E!, matriarch Kris Jenner might be looking for her next act as part of an ensemble cast-like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills


As for Cohen himself, he is definitely intrigued at the possibility of Jenner becoming a member of the #RHOBH cast. Not only is Jenner personal friends with original cast member Kyle Richards (and appeared for the first time on-camera this season during a star studded charity event at Richards’ home), but is the true kind of 90210 pedigree and authenticity that the show consistently strives to deliver. With the recent announcement that soap siren Denise Richards is leaving the show (and Lisa Vanderpump’s departure from last season still shadowing the cast), having Jenner join could interject both the star power and the opulent lifestyle that this city in the powerhouse Real Housewives franchise has always strived to deliver. 

Cohen himself still is getting responses from fans clamoring for Jenner to join the show, and hearing from other fans with simple responses like “don’t do it”. During a conversation on his Radio Andy show Andy Cohen Live today, Cohen acknowledged that Jenner joining the ladies would be a natural fit. “She is already connected with the cast. She’s good buddies with Kyle, no joke. She knows everyone on the show. She is buddies with [Lisa] Rinna, I think.” Cohen did concede though, that Jenner’s tenure as an Executive Producer on KUWTK might give the matriarch pause on joining the Bravo show. “I don’t think she would do it. She is leaving a show for which she has total control over. Why would she leave and join a show that she has no control over?” he questioned. “She wouldn’t be an EP of the show, she wouldn’t have control over the edits, so I think for someone who is used to having so much power over a show, I can’t see her surrendering that power.”. Cohen ended by simply saying “I really don’t think she would do it.”

As for hearing from Kris Jenner on joining the show herself, the original “Momager” is silent on the record. A source though, told People that “Kris seems intrigued by the show and hasn’t dismissed joining it.”

“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” airs on Bravo on Wednesday night (check local listings)

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