Entertainment Industry Shocked by Death of Paul Cattermole

Photo Credit: Album Cover for ‘7’

Former pop star Paul Cattermole passed away on Thursday after being found unresponsive in his home. While the news was confirmed by all media reports and his band’s official Instagram, no further details about his passing have been released to the public. However, police have commented that his death did not immediately appear suspicious. He was 46-years-old. 


As a young adult in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, Cattermole was one of the seven singer/dancers who made up the iconic British group S Club 7. Together, the boy-girl band released four hit albums that fueled 14 top 5 singles in the UK – 4 of them hitting #1 in their home country. Their biggest hit in America, ‘Never Had a Dream Come True,’ reached the top 10 in 2000. 


However, Cattermole left the hitmaking group in 2002 before the release of their fourth studio album in pursuit of a new musical direction. He attempted to launch a ska band, SKUA, but they disbanded shortly thereafter when his new endeavor failed to secure a recording deal. Without Paul, S Club 7 also disbanded one year later. 

SKUA briefly got back together in 2014 due to the change in distribution landscape and released their first and only album the same year. S Club 7, with Paul, briefly reunited in 2015 to release a greatest hits album, which was supported by a new single and a celebration tour. 

All seven members of S Club 7 recently announced a second reunion tour slated to start later this year.


As of this writing, none of his band members have publicly commented on his death. 

In recent years, Cattermole took a shot at musical theater before pursuing a more normal life and blue-collar work. It’s sad that he appeared to be enjoying life leading up to his death and he had a profound respect for the fans who shot him to international fame. Life is fleeting, but at least his light will live on for decades through his music.

Rest in peace, Paul Cattermole. My condolences to his family, friends and fans. 

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