Stop Sending Eric Dane Unsolicited D Pics

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Despite being single and straight, Eric Dane says his DM are flooded with d*ck pics.

Ever since he acted in the 2000s as Dr. Mark Sloan, aka McSteamy, in Grey’s Anatomy, Eric Dane has been a heartthrob to tv audiences. But more recently, Dane has taken on the problematic and complicated role of Cal Jacobs in the HBO series Euphoria.


In the show, Jacobs is a closeted man with a tragic past. Unfortunately, Jacobs’ choices then led to a loveless marriage and a toxic relationship with his sons. Despite that, people can’t stop thirsting after Jacobs and Eric Dane.

In a recent interview with Andy Cohen on his SiriusXM show Radio Andy, Dane revealed the fact that queer men are constantly flirting with him. More specifically, his social media DMs are flooded with nudes from men.

“I get a lot of d*ck pics,” Dane noted. “I think that guys now assume that I’m going the other way, which is fine. I’ve seen a lot of ugly penises; I’ve seen lots of pretty ones. (…) I’ve seen a few and now I just don’t go into my DMs.”


But surely there are some pictures from women in the mix, right? According to Eric Dane, that’s not the case. And, again, that’s despite the fact that Dane is straight.

Cohen added, “I thought that women must be throwing themselves at you right now. Where do you meet women?”

Dane responded, “NO, I get d*ck pics.”


Eric Dane also noted that he’s single and having no luck meeting women. The main reason? The 49-year-old is not on any dating apps and refuses to start.

He explained, “I feel like I don’t ever meet women, Andy. I’m not a dating app guy, and I think that’s kind of where the majority of the meeting happens, on these dating apps.”

And when pressed further by Cohen about getting on a dating app, Dane responded, “It’s just weird. I’m from the ‘90s, man. I’m more of a ‘hey, how are you?’ kind of person.” 


This isn’t the first time that Eric Dane has received unwanted attention and flirtation for his roles. Back when he was on Grey’s Anatomy, Dane was called “McSteamy” by many strangers. And while he didn’t fully mind it, he didn’t fully like it either.

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“I didn’t mind it,” Dane said of the nickname and time. “I didn’t like being referred to as McSteamy on the street, but you know, the name was, the name has been very good to me.”

But being called a character’s nickname and receiving several unsolicited d*ck pics are two different things. Maybe it’s time we stop sending pics to a man who doesn’t want to see them, huh?

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