Eric Holguin Could Become America’s First Openly Gay Latino Congressman

Image via Eric Holguin Campaign

Last month, we introduced you to Malcolm Kenyatta who may become the first openly gay black man to hold office in Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives. Now, we’re happy to introduce to you a man who has a shot at becoming the first openly gay Latino in the US House of Representatives.

Eric Holguin in currently running for an open Congressional set for the state of Texas.

When Holguin entered the March 6 primary for Texas’ 27th Congressional district, he was considered a lost cause. While he made it to the runoff with 23.31% of the vote, his opponent for the Democratic candidacy had 41.22% of the vote.

That said, there was an upset later in May’s primary when Holguin ended up winning by 60%. This officially made him the Democratic nominee bidding for the seat former Republican Rep. Blake Farenthold, who resigned in April after news of sexual harassment and abuse broke.

Image via Eric Holguin Campaign

Unfortunately, Holguin is still the underdog as the 13th district is typically run by Republicans. That said, he’s hoping that Democratic voters can help push him along to another surprise win.

If he does win, he’ll become the first openly gay Latino congressman in US history. Even better, he wouldn’t be the only LGBTQ politician in office as 50 LGBTQ candidates are running for positions in Texas in this coming November.

If you want to check out Eric Holguin more and his stance on political issues like engaging young voters, the #MeToo movement, and more, you can check out his official website.

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