Ethan Alexander Jewett Opens Up About Being an Out Gay Priest

Father Ethan Alexander Jewett is an out gay bodybuilding priest based in Pennsylvania, and he has gone viral because of his videos that express: “You are loved,” as well as other powerful messages that break stereotypes.

(c) Instagram: @jackedpriest

Jewett is a priest in the Episcopal Church, which believes that “God loves you – no exceptions,” according to their website. In an interview with PinkNews, he opened up about his online life as an out priest, who is also a bodybuilder and content creator.


Jewett revealed that he receives negative messages, including death threats and people calling him a child molester. However, he expressed that the positive responses outweigh the hateful ones.

“But that’s nothing in comparison with all the wonderful direct messages and comments I get from people who say that showing myself to be openly gay, as well as a religious leader, has been so heartening to them because they didn’t think that was possible,” the priest stated.


Moreover, he also shared a powerful message for everyone expressing:

“My message for everybody is that you are God’s beloved child. God created you the way that you are and God finds nothing deficient or broken about you for being queer, for being gay, for being trans.”

“You are loved. Don’t let anybody tell you different,” Jewett further stated.



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