European Citizens Campaigned To Ban A BTS Film From Playing Because They’re Too Pro-LGBTQ

BTS at the Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards in 2018 / Image via Wikimedia Commons

In the latest news of petty anti-gay haters, citizens in a Russian territory are taking a swing at allies of LGBTQ people.

The Moscow Times reports that the residents in Dagestan have caused the cancelation of a screening for the BTS concert film BTS World Toru: Love Yourself in Seoul.

BTS is a Korean boy band that’s currently taking the world by storm. The seven-member music group has performed at New Years celebrations, music awards shows, and at concert venues around the world. On top of that, they have expressed their support of LGBTQ and human rights through subtle tweets and impactful speeches.

Unfortunately, it seems that support for LGBTQ and humans rights has made BTS a no go for some Russian citizens.

The group’s concert movie/documentary was scheduled to play in the city of Makhachkala after local fans created a social campaign to have it screen in their city. But, Cinema Hall, the scheduled location for the viewing, canceled ticket sales a day before opening.

BTS in an LG Q7 advertisement / Image via Wikimedia Commons

It seems an equally popular boycott campaign arose stating that the group promoted “over-the-top immoral behavior” and used an anti-gay slur to describe the boys.

That said, the film hasn’t been canceled in all of Russia. Several other screenings will happen across the country and it's controlled regions, including Chechnya where the gay purge is still ongoing.

For fans of BTS, these films will start airing in Russia starting January 26. Unfortunately, fans in Makhachkala will have to travel.

h/t: Moscow Times

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