Evan Peix Talks OnlyFans & Bringing The “Heat” To Miami Pride

OnlyFans models rarely let you behind the camera, but for Evan Peix, what he does outside of crafting online content is crucial. Whether he is creating brand new music or working with The Dreamer Project, Peix is taking the dreams that he is able to now realize and providing the opportunity for others to realize their own. I sat down for a chat with Peix and we chatted about his upcoming performance at Miami Pride at Jake Resnicow’s Miami Beach Pride’s “Heat” Tea Dance party at Clevelander Hotel on Sunday, April 10th (right after the Parade on Ocean Drive), his work with The Dreamer Project and why everything we see on screen sometimes, is most definitely not all there is. 


Michael Cook: Your career has gone through a number of iterations, but where did you actually get started? 

Evan Peix: It all actually started at Johnson’s in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. I filmed a documentary there, this was prior to the age of OnlyFans and online stripping. I saved a lot of money, I had a lot of fun, and learned a lot at that time, and a lot of opportunities have come up since; it was around 2018-2019. It was so stigmatized at that time, to be a male stripper. To be a male stripper for female audiences was okay, but to do it for male audiences was still a taboo thing. A lot of my straight friends didn’t want to be out and show themselves publicly. Now I see a lot of them on Only Fans, going from being strippers to bottoming (laughs). It is interesting to watch how in a very short period of time, how many things, and our value system has changed. 

MC: Moving onto a platform like OnlyFans can be a big decision for many people. Was it a decision that you had to mull over at all? 

EP: It was definitely a process. I believe that the reason that strippers become strippers is because in the sex world, there are many ways that you can end up becoming a sex worker. If you are a stripper, there is a good chance that you won’t have to expose yourself that much, so it is a safer way to make money. I know a lot of strippers that do “male for male” because they are going to school, they are going to be a politician, they have a family, and they don’t want to be seen in “that way” publicly


In my own case, it was hard at the beginning, but I had to mold myself to the times that were coming. The clubs were closed and there was nowhere to work. Usually during Pride or a pandemic, I would almost do a “tour”. During the summer, I would go up north to New York, Canada or out to Los Angeles, then I would come back to Miami and keep working here in the high season. That had completely changed and I had to mold with the times; everything changes.

MC: When you were younger, did you see your life being something that you would live, at least part of the time, in front of the camera?


EP: When I was a little boy, I was in The Mickey Mouse Club, and that got cancelled. I got older so I started working in post-production. I learned a lot about cameras, sound editing, anything about post-production. Those lessons really helped me now. Beyond being a constant creator and performer, I practice everything that I have learned. 

MC: With your musical career being another layer of who you are as a performer, you are much more than simply an OnlyFans performer. Are you finding that people put you in box career-wise? 

EP: No, they love it! Since I was a child, I have always been performing. I was a dancer, I did children’s shows, and when I was a dancer I was also working entertaining children, dressing up as Spider Man or Superman! People have always seen me as a performer; I think my audience is open to anything that I have going on. This is also why I love YouTube channel is growing so rapidly, I can diversify my stuff into so many ways. They have a version of media called “shorts” and you can post videos, pictures, and I can really diversify myself that way. I do feel that you have to maintain a certain line, so I have learned to maintain in “Guaracha”.


MC: Performing at The Manor in Ft. Lauderdale recently was provably very surreal, mainly because Johnson’s, where you started out in a way, is almost directly across the street. 

EP: It was so surreal and it was a dream come true. In those moments when things like that happen, you truly pat yourself on the back. It doesn’t really come as a surprise either, because there is a lot of work. Like you said, people see the cover of you that you put out, but a lot goes on behind the scenes. There is the stage, the rehearsals, everything. It’s beautiful in those ten minutes that you are up there able to perform and show what you are worth, but behind all that, there has been so much going on, the sacrifices, the coordination. Thank God for the team that I have for making this real; that was a surreal feeling, it truly was. 

MC: For the past two years, our community has not been able to truly celebrate Pride in the way that we always have. This year, it looks like we may have a sense or normalcy during our Pride celebrations and you are getting to perform at Miami Pride! What does that feel like, to be helping kick off a restart of Pride for the community? 


EP: I love it. I love to share with my community and I am really excited. I want to see my fans face to face. I see them online and coming to my OnlyFans page, and a lot of them want to see me live. This is a chance to be able to interact with fans live and I am really excited. 

MC: For being such a public and open person, is it a challenge for you to have a private life? Do people expect that OnlyFans persona to be the person they date? 


EP; When I meet people, I maintain a very big line between my career and my personal life. In my personal life, I am wearing jeans or sweats or talking to someone random. In the public life since I have a brand, I have to learn to separate both things. Whoever is around me in my personal life, has to understand that. People think things about me, then when they come to see me they ask questions based on who I am as Evan Piex. When people ask my opinion, especially my team, I tell them we all live from this brand; this is for us. My image and public persona is how I make a living so I have to be very careful and brand it well. 

MC: You are using your platform not just for your music, but your also working on a great deal of philanthropy as well in Colombia with your organization and your work with Niños del Sol, an orphanage in Colombia. 

EP: Colombia is packed with so many talented people, I wish I could live there, it is so gorgeous. Just the accent alone, you get hypnotized when they talk to you. They are authentically beautiful people, it is not like they are trying. From the moment they speak, it is just everything. I find Colombia just so intriguing. Prior to my work with the orphanage, I was actually helping Venezuelan citizens who had escaped Venezeula to Medellin, in Colombia because they were webcam models and I could definitely relate. They had to bribe their way out of Venezuela to migrate to a more peaceful life in Colombia and I documented that on my YouTube channel to create more awareness. I love to give back to people that I can relate to. 


When I was a child growing up on television, the network would put a lot of values on us. It is hard to think or believe that it is the case, but it was growing up. They would remind us that there are kids out there who don’t have what we have, we were stars. Kids looked up to us that desired the lifestyle that we had; so it is always good to give back. 

MC: What was your own childhood like?

EP: Growing up, I had a really tough childhood myself, so I love to do that. Later on in life, I would love to adopt children,. There are 150 million kids in the world who don’t have parents right now. It’s funny, when I had these experiences with kids, you would be asked not to bring toys and just bring food. The women running the organization, the “moms”, would say that the children “ate everything” and not to ask what they “dont’ like”. It was crazy, the more you know. 

MC: Tell me about The Dreamer’s Project


EP: The Dreamer’s Project is a movement. Just listening to people’s dreams; what do they want to aspire to beyond whatever they have in their lives. For example with those web cam models, some were about to graduate as doctors and had to abandon their schooling. Their dream is to become a surgeon or a doctor. Each kid at those orphanages has a dream going on and wants to do something beyond what they are doing. That is why The Dreamer’s Project is so important to me. 

MC: With the platform that you have, what do you want to manifest for yourself and make happen? 

EP: That is what keeps me alive, the purpose. If you don’t have purpose, what is the point of living? You can have all the money in the world; OnlyFans has opened up many to financial security, but does that ultimately make me happy? It does to a point, but there are certain areas that you want to fulfill. Purpose is one of those areas. I want to be remembered and appreciated for the things that I do and that I can show. Just the fact that I am authentic. 

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