Ever Wonder How Much Coin OnlyFans Performers Can Make?

L-R Austin Wolf, Rocco Steele (images via Instagram)

As the saying goes, “God helps those who help themselves.”

So, we’ve been fascinated by the rise of fansite websites and how much better these adult performers may be doing than knocking it out for adult studios.


Some folks have recently offered a peek behind the curtain regarding the kind of income these fan sites can generate.

One performer, who goes by the handle ‘Tropical Daddy’ on OnlyFans, tweeted on July 24, “My student loans are shaking. Thanks to my fans/supporters. I’m doing this until I ain’t’ got bills no more.” 

A screen capture was included showing ‘All Time’ earnings of $49,870.84, with a payout of $39,889.15.

(screen capture)

Tropical Daddy started his OnlyFans career back in April, which gives you an idea of his monthly take.

That tweet might have inspired another performer, who goes by ‘GuzDoes’ on OnlyFans, who offered even more insight.

“I brag about my coins not my followers,” wrote GuzDoes. “Finally hit 100k DOLLARS on Onlyfans … all this online hoe’ing pays off.” 

He included snaps showing “All-Time” earnings clocking in at $100,014.50. 


Now, OnlyFans takes 20 percent for hosting the site and handling the technical details, but $80,172.15 in 13 months is certainly not chump change.

The screen capture shows monthly earnings ranging from $924 to $11,417.

OnlyFans was launched in 2016 and was followed by competitor Just For Fans in February 2018.

Back in October of 2018, Out did a deep dive into the fan site universe interviewing several performers who offered their take on the burgeoning industry.


At the time, Dominic Ford, the founder of JustForFans, shared that in his first six months of business, his site had attracted over 130,000 subscribers and 2,000+ ‘models.’ He added that some of the site’s top performers had earned “upwards of $70,000.”

Rocco Steele, who’s become an adult entertainment star since he began his career in 2014, is over the moon about the increased income possibilities. 


“It’s unbelievably more than I used to make doing studio work,” Steele told Out. “It’s the type of thing that feels like it’s all going to come crashing down because it’s too good to be true.”

While we don’t have details for other performers, a glance at popular porn star Austin Wolf’s 4MyFans page currently shows a huge number of subscribers at a rate of $9.99 a month. You do the math.

Get it, guys.

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