Everyone Needs to Check Out Big Mouth’s Super-Gay Valentine’s Day Special!

Big Mouth Made Me Want A Bisexual Boyfriend!

The Netflix Series Valentine’s Day Special Is A Must Watch!

Have you seen the adult animated Netflix series, Big Mouth? I’m big on streaming shows for the convenience and somehow this show has missed me! If animation isn’t your thing, I still implore you to give this a chance mainly for their unique portrayal of gay and bisexual characters.  The series created by comedian Nick Kroll (Kroll Show, The League) is parodied of his sexual awakening during his youth. It follows a group of friends and frenemies in 7th grade hitting puberty and has a male and female “hormone monsters” playing devil-on-the-shoulder to explore their deep, dark, sexual thoughts. For the last two years my best friend has been trying to convince me to watch the show and I kept finding an excuse not too. Now, I’m trying to find any excuse I can to catch up with the entire series after viewing the Valentine’s Day Special.

My Furry Valentine, the latest Big Mouth adaption to hit Netflix, focuses on the series’ core characters during the day of love. Everyone is hoping Cupid will strike them before or during a party at their abrasive classmates’ home. While it takes the holiday to the extreme with sexual curiosity and the hilarious voice cast, there are two characters who I completely gravitated towards. First is Matthew (Andrew Rannells), a flamboyant-obviously gay kid. He is on a journey to discover someone who is *like him* so he won’t spend Valentine’s Day alone. Unfortunately, he’s seemingly the only gay kid in his neighborhood until he eventually discovers a boy at a convenience store who is a bit too kind to him, only to discover he has a “girlfriend”, which seems like a lie. The hope for Matthew that there’s someone else gay in town is adorable and completely relatable. Since he can’t find love at the moment, he solidifies his relati​onship with his best girlfriend, Jessi (Jessi Glaser), as his most important relationship.

Intertwined is the story of my absolute favorite character. Jay Bilzerian (Jason Mantzoukas) is a bisexual, “sex machine”, who is so adorable he made me want to start dating bisexual men! Bilzerian spends his Valentine’s Day not wanting to go to the party, but instead take his two pillows, one male and one female, on two different dates. He wines and dines his female pillow while making love to her and simultaneously works out with his buff, masculine male pillow while also making love to him. He fantasizes he’s on a parody of American Ninja Warrior as he tries to make both male and female genitalia climax in record time. He’s shameless with his bisexuality and it doesn’t phase him or make him depressed. In the end, he realizes he must stop using inanimate objects to use for sex and decides it’s time for him to interact with real humans.

If you have yet to watch Big Mouth’s Valentine’s Day Special, you’ve seriously got to check it out! In the meantime, you can check out the trailer for the special below!

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