EW Magazine Celebrates Pride Month With The Cast of POSE

Pose, the new drama series from uber-producer Ryan Murphy gets the Entertainment Weekly cover treatment as the magazine celebrates Pride Month.

The FX network drama, set in New York during the go-go 1980s, chronicles the intersection of the underground LGBTQ ballroom culture and the emerging Trump-era elite.

EW calls the series “an unabashedly emotional celebration of those on the outskirts of mainstream society, particularly LGBTQ people of color.”

Ryan Murphy and the cast chat on going back in time, convening the biggest cast of transgender actors ever, and why representation matters.

“I think the power of television is incredible,” says producer Murphy. “I feel like if you put characters in front of viewers, even if they’re not like you, but you learn about them and you love them, it will change your worldview and lead to acceptance.”

Among the cast and crew are more than 140 transgender artists, including author Janet Mock and Transparent’s Our Lady J, who both serve as producer-writers.

“Anyone who would say that there isn’t enough trans talent out there really has not tried and not looked hard enough,” says co-creator Steven Canals. “There’s an abundance out there that is untapped.”

Indya Moore, the 23-year-old actress who plays “Angel” shares, “This show is my heart and my soul. To the healing that it brings up, to the stories that it tells and the solutions that it brings to the table."

"This show is an evolution that I’ve lived through and that I still am going through," she adds. "And it’s going to impact the world in ways that we’ve never seen before.”

Series regular Billy Porter (Tony Award winner for Broadway’s Kinky Boots), who plays ball culture emcee “Pray Tell” puts it out there: “As a black, out gay man, I’ve never felt part of the conversation — this is going to make us part of the conversation.”

In Murphy’s mind, the success of the show won't be measured in money or ratings. “It made history the moment it was greenlit,” he says.

Pose airs Sunday nights at 9PM ET/PT on FX.

Watch the cast chat behind the scenes during the photo shoot for the cover.



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