Ex-Adult Performer Bottoms Out In Election Bid

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Former German adult performer Philipp Tanzer just failed to win a Scottish regional election.

Tanzer, formerly known for the gay porn name Logan McCree, recently ran as a regional list candidate for the Highlands and Islands. The ex-gay man, who is now dating a woman, was also supported by the Scottish Family Party.


Unfortunately for Tanzer, the election did not go in his, or his party’s, favor, according to thejorunal.ie. In fact, things went exceptionally bad for the group. The Scottish Family Party wound up getting only 1,976 votes in the region. This is compared to the Scottish National Party, which received 96,433 votes.

Though, the SNP wasn’t the only party to receive wins. The seven candidates from the region who were elected to Parliament belonged to either the Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party, the Scottish Labour Party, the Scottish Green Party, or the Scottish National Party.


For LGBTQ voters in support of LGBTQ-inclusive education and same-sex parenting, this result is a blessing. The Scottish Family party is a “socially conservative party,” as Tanzer once put it, which has previously opposed LGBTQ issues.

The political party’s official website reads: “The LGBT Inclusive Education program […] mandates the indoctrination of schoolchildren into a radical ideology of sexuality.” 

It adds: “Pupils are inducted into LGBT activism from primary school, as familiar campaigning symbols and slogans are presented in lessons.   

The group continues on its site, “The philosophy of gender fluidity is dangerous to young people, leading to confusion and unhelpful experimentation. Parents should have a strong voice in determining how these issues are approached in schools. Indoctrination into the fashionable philosophy of gender is not appropriate and will lead more children down a difficult road that could seriously undermine their wellbeing for the rest of their lives.”

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Despite formerly identifying as gay, Philipp Tanzer has also expressed his opposition to LGBTQ education. He also self-identifies as a Men’s Rights activist.

“I think I am an unusual candidate for most people for a socially conservative party because I identified as gay until I was 32 and I was actually in the adult entertainment industry,” he told RT UK recently. “I would say I’m more and more moving in a socially conservative direction.”

He then added, “We oppose sex education that focuses too much on pornography and certain sexualities. We are currently in Scotland the only party that is pro-life.”

Since leaving pornography, Philipp Tanzer has worked as a fireman and a hairdresser. But will he try another go at politics in the future? Or, will he stick to one of his earlier professions?

Source: RT UK, thejournal.ie,

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  1. His past seems to have left him with a bad impression of the porn industry and gay people among other things. It’s a shame that he can’t just embrace an attraction to women while also being at peace with who he used to be. I hate when people are so reactionary..(Bad experience = everything about that is bad now and I must defeat it.).

  2. LOL
    What can be expected of a person so cynical wiht his philosophy, hypocritical about his past and pathetic with his attitudes and plans


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