Ex On The Beach Season 2 Cast Announcement!

Ex On The Beach Season 2 Cast Announcement!

MTV Gives Us Gay Lovers Quarrels!

Finally one of the most celebrated networks of my generation, MTV, is bringing us some sizzling LGBTQ story lines to their latest hit series, Ex on the Beach! The premise is simple: A group of singles are living in a paradise home and one by one their exes enter the house to stir up some drama. With good measure, MTV has collected a handful of reality stars from Survivor, Big Brother, Bad Girls Club, a variety of their own series, and The Bachelorette. Someone grab the fire extinguisher because this house is about to explode with rainbow fireworks.

According to US Weekly, this season, we’re treated to gay storylines featuring Jozea Flores (Big Brother), Cheyenne Parker (Fire Island), and What Happens at The Abbey’s Cory Zwierzynski and Murray Swanby…who look exactly alike (!) so let’s hope that they have different personalities. I’m not too familiar with any of these guys, but am so excited to see some gay quarrels and beyond. Come on, you must admit having four hot gay guys in one house means they are all definitely going to be hooking up with each other after slinging some drinks! I’m even more curious to find out if one of the heterosexual cast mates are about to have their first gay experience, but only time will tell.

Adding some more flavor to the season is friggin’ reality television showstopper Farrah Abraham, who is always ratings gold because she genuinely doesn’t care what anyone has to say. In addition, The Bachelorette’s villain, Chad Johnson, and Big Brother’s best winner, Morgan Willett, round out a stellar cast just waiting to grace our televisions. Oh, I almost let it slip that this is hosted by Romeo Miller AKA Lil’ Romeo from the 90s…like, I’m completely sold!

Ex on the Beach premieres on December 20th on MTV.  In the meantime, you can catch the teaser trailer and full cast here.

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