Exam ‘Misunderstanding’ Leads To Indecent Assault Charges

When an ankle exam detours to something else (stock photo)
When an ankle exam detours to something else (stock photo)

A Pennsylvania doctor has been charged with indecent assault after an ankle exam went in a whole different direction.

According to local news station WQAD, the male victim told police he texted Dr. William Vollmar on March 14 about treating his injured ankle.


The physician agreed to meet the man at his Quarryville sports clinic in at 7:30 p.m. 

After 5-10 minutes of examination, Vollmar asked the man if he wanted to be “worked on.” Assuming the doctor meant massage and physical adjustments, which the doctor had performed on the victim before, he said yes.

Near the end of the massage, during which the patient was naked except for a towel over his mid-section, the doctor asked the man, “Do you trust me?”

The man said he did, and Vollmar then began to touch the victim’s genitals.


Stunned, the man told Vollmar to stop. According to the victim, the doctor then asked, “Do you want me to finish you?”

The victim declined and ended the “massage.”

The victim told police that he never consented to have his genitals touched.

When the police interviewed Vollmar, the doctor explained that the whole episode was a “huge misunderstanding, mostly on my part.”


The doctor told the authorities that, while doing chiropractic manipulation on the man’s hips, he thought the man showed interest in something more, so Vollmar touched the peen.

According to the police complaint, the doctor admitted the victim had not given permission to touch his genitals.

(h/t WQAD)

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  1. This doctor is not a chiropractor. All I did was google his name and found the clinic he works for. He did some sort of manipulation but only a chiropractor can deliver chiropractic. Please update your story to reflect reality, that no chiropractor or chiropractic had anything to do with this “misunderstanding”

  2. Oh please, why would the patient need to strip naked for a simple ankle massage? I would throw this case out and apologize to the therapist.


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