Exclusive: Athena Dion Talks Seeing “Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club” Take Shape, Spending Time With Lindsay Herself, and That Notorious Tag Line!

Athena Dion has always been one of the premier names in drag in Florida, and getting a chance to see this stunner up close is always something that is beyond a treat. This year however, the United States had to share her with her home country of Greece, as Dion traveled to Mykonos to host and perform at Cinderella, and ended up being smack dab in the middle of Lindsay Lohan's launch of Lohan Beach House in Mykonos and her hit new MTV show Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club. I sat down exclusively with Athena to talk about how the Queen of Mykonos collided with one of Hollywood's most storied starlets, what it was like being on stage with Lohan during her now viral dance moment (where Dion coined her own now famous tag line "This Is How You Throw A Party In Mykonos Bitch"!) and what the entire experience means to her as a performer.

INSTINCT: So you are back from a globe trotting adventure at Lohan Beach House in Mykonos. Let’s start at the beginning; how did such an amazing opportunity come your way? 

ATHENA DION: Where to begin! Well i was invited to Mykonos by a Greek club owner to host and perform at his new  “Studio 54 style” nightclub, Cinderella, for two months in the summer. While I was there, I had tons of opportunities presented to me and one of them was to host the MTV Pride event for Lindsay Lohan at her new beach house venue. Basically the producers of MTV would come to Cinderella club and scouted me to help them organize the event. So the Lohan gig was a one day thing for me, but ended up becoming a defining moment of my whole summer experience!

Your iconic “Honey, This Is How You Throw A Party In Mykonos, Bitch” tag line has been picked up everywhere from Andy Cohen on "Watch What Happens Live" to dance floors everywhere! Did you know it would be such a hot line the moment you said it? 

i had no idea it would go viral the way it did!! I remember vividly the exact moment it came out of my mouth.  I was on the stage dancing with the brand ambassadors of the Lohan Beach House and we were all around as Lindsay gave birth to the now iconic “LiLo” dance move. I remember thinking it was a big moment in the event; Lindsay was on stage, everyone was pumped up and i, as the host, got the urge to drop that line that would make everyone put their hands up and scream! My only regret is that I wasn’t standing just a foot closer to Lindsay so I could be in the actual viral video clip too!!! Hey, at least my voice made it happen!


The LILo dance became absolutely viral. What was it like having an up close view while she made such a viral sensation and looked so free doing it!? 

It was very organic , we were all there just having a good time. Nothing was staged in that moment and everyone had been drinking and having fun. I was so excited to be dancing on the same stage with my imaginary childhood bestie Lindsay Lohan, in the most beautiful island in the world! It was such a crazy experience for me, I would have never expected to happen. She was just being free and letting loose; as they say dance like no one is watching, and that's exactly what she did!

You got some up close and personal time with Lindsay; what is Ms. Lohan like when the cameras are down? 

I have to say she was super sweet. Very kind, very welcoming, never acted like a diva at all.  She took pics with anyone who wanted one, she invited me into her cabana to chill and eat fruit and meet her friends. She was just a cool girl having fun on the beach. We took selfies, made videos, laughed and chatted. 

You have been proclaimed to be the unofficial Queen of Mykonos; what is it like being able to go to Greece and perform; kind of a full circle moment? 

Its definitely a milestone moment in my life. I am Greek – American and grew up in a very “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” style family. Growing up we would visit Greece almost every summer with friends and family.  So now to go back to the country I love so much and be doing drag of all things is really a full circle moment for me. Greece has an amazing energy in the people, in the air, in the culture its just electric! I am so proud to be representing my people back in the motherland!

For those that have never been to Mykonos; what is the LGBT scene there like? 

Well, Mykonos is an infamous party island, and has been for decades!!! Even more so, it has been a legendary gay destination for even longer.  Gay people have always found magic on this island and when you go there, you notice the orientation gender lines begin to blur and everyone is there just to have a good time! There are tons of LGBT+ parties, clubs, hotels, and restaurants, but what’s so magical is that you can go anywhere and be who you are and no one is going to judge you for it. There is one goal while you’re there, and its to let loose and escape the world!

Would you be up for a second season with perhaps a bit if an enhance role? Could you imagine being something like a “Girl Friday” for Lindsay? 

oh HELL YEA!!!

 "Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club" airs Tuesday night on MTV (check local listings)


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