EXCLUSIVE: Colby Jansen Talks About Being a Beloved ‘Daddy’ & Much More

Credit: Colby Jansen

Colby Jansen is easy on the eyes, no doubt, but there’s so much more to him than just his aesthetic that has helped him earn millions of fans and several awards along the way. 

He, along with many others similar to him like Dirk Caber and Rocco Steele, has been able to elongate his career in the adult industry in a way that has grown exponentially since his debut many years ago. It’s quite the contrast as there are many others, no matter what background of porn they are in, that are hot one minute and not the next minute. 


Stay tuned, though, as you may see him outside of your home computer screens very soon as he achieved mainstream success last year thank to his short film debut in director Ori Ravid‘s movie Matt. Have we seen the last of Colby in the porn spectrum or is he on his way to finding a duality that works best for him in both mediums?

We chatted with him about this and so much more in our newest exclusive with the brutally hot hunk that also dives into what his favorite moment has been thus far in the adult industry. Check it out.

I do want to ask you, are you aware of how big your fan base is, in particular, with the bear community? 

I guess I don’t really know. I don’t really go to gay bars and stuff like that very often because I get a little like… I kind of like being able to slip through and not be noticed. And so, it… it doesn’t make me uncomfortable. It’s always flattering when someone comes up out of nowhere, but yeah, I don’t know.

Credit: Colby Jansen

You’ve won a lot of awards and you’ve done so many scenes that it’s probably a blur at this point, but has there been a top moment for you? A moment you’ve been most proud of in your time in doing his profession?

Well, one of my first scenes was a scene with Johnny Rapid. It’s kind of funny because it was so early in my career and looking back, I realize now how cool it was. There was a point where he was on top of me and I just stood up, and the reaction of the crew and everyone was just amazing. Looking back, I’m like, okay that was cool. Because there’s just so many fun things that happened off-camera, during the scenes, that it’s great that I get to work with somebody like Johnny years later and reminisce about it happening. Where we can be like, ‘Oh yeah, remember when we did that thing?’ That’s really the fun part. 

Does it bother you at all that you tend to get nominated in the same types of categories at award shows like Best Bear or Best Daddy?


Hey, if somebody wants to nominate me for an award that’s totally fine, I don’t care about that. I don’t worry about it. It’s cool to get nominated, it’s cool that you get work, and that you keep getting people tweeting at you, emailing you, joining your OnlyFans and all that, that’s what matters. That’s the real recognition.


You’ve also transitioned into mainstream with the short film Matt. How did you find yourself in this project? Do you want to do more mainstream stuff in the future?

I get emails a lot, about different projects. Sometimes, I look at them and I’m like, ‘Oh that looks stupid.’ Because it’s like, I can’t get myself to do that. But a lot of the time there’s stuff that’s not bad and seems like something I want to do. So, anyway, I saw this thing and it was a comedy and it was cute, it was artsy, but it was also… I felt like it was going to be funny. I always like awkward roles and things like that, with guys that are different that I could play. I don’t get to play those when I’m doing porn, obviously, because I’m a good porn star. But it was definitely something that got my attention, and he also attached his other work in the email and I saw it and I was like, ‘Wow, this guy has got talent’. 

Credit: Colby Jansen

Is there anything big that you have coming up that your fans should know about, in and out of the industry? Are you planning on doing anything special this year for your fan base?

Actually, now I own the copyright for Colby’s Crew and I own the domain, so I may be bringing that back this year. That’s exciting. And I still have my OnlyFans.  I do a lot of one-on-one interactions with people on there because it’s too hard to keep up with emails and direct messages on Twitter and Instagram and stuff like that. But if they shoot me a message on OnlyFans, then it’s like, well okay they’re a paying customer, so that takes money. So I try to give them better customer service.

Plus I get to engage with them one-on-one and its more fun that way. And it’s cool for me because I get into it. I get to see what people’s fantasies are and do what I can to help them live it out.

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