Exclusive: Derrick Barry Talks Britney, All Stars and His Big Lincoln Center Gig

Casual fans of Derrick Barry will know him primarily due to his work on RuPaul’s Drag Race (maybe the younger ones), but many of us are fully aware of the fact that he’s the best damn Britney Spears impersonator on the planet.

He’s so great at doing Britney (not literally) that it catapulted him to the top 40 on America’s Got Talent way back in 2008. Derrick then made the season 8 cast of RPDR in 2016, where his fire and determination got him all the way to the final 5 amid some serious competition.

What was even better about his time on the show was that fans got to see another side of him outside of his Britney persona, which he proved time and time again as the Emmy-winning reality competition series progressed.

Now it looks as if sky is the limit for him and his career, as he will embark on quite the feat by taking center stage at Lincoln Center in New York City on January 20th.

He’s taking over the iconic location for one night only for an event called Derrick Barry Presents Britney Spears’ Circus: The 10th Anniversary. It coincides with the anniversary of the legendary pop icon performing with the Big Apple Circus one decade ago, where Derrick hopes to recreate that magic for his audience to see come show time.

Derrick chatted with me exclusively about the show, how his life has been after Drag Race, if he would ever do All Stars again and what’s next for this talented individual.

“Hey Derrick!” … Britney voice. How has life been for you post Drag Race?

Life has been nonstop since RuPaul's Drag Race! I was already traveling extensively after making Top 40 on America's Got Talent in 2008, but Drag Race opened me up to new markets all over the world, such as England, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Argentina, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, India, Peru, Australia, Lebanon, Brazil & Ecuador. I am so grateful for all the love and support from fans across the globe!

What has been your proudest moment since appearing on the hit show?

That's an easy one! Meeting Mariah Carey on Watch What Happens Live & being crowned "Miss A-Mariah-ca", in the "Heartbreaker" music video look, the day after the crowning of Season 8 in New York City. Mariah is my original queen of inspiration. Her song "Make It Happen" became my personal anthem growing up & was the main reason I moved to Hollywood to pursue my love of performance art in 2003.

Would you ever consider doing All Stars in the future? Are you rooting for anyone to win this season?

I would most definitely do RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars! I feel like I came into Season 8 with so much confidence but lost it soon after because I was so focused on branching out, that I let my fire burn out & I dimmed my own light. I've learned to concentrate on my strengths & to always trust my gut instincts, instead of being pressured by the other cast members or judges to change my image.

Now onto season 4 of All Stars, I came in #TeamFarrah because she's the Christina (Aguilera) to my Britney. I simply love & adore her! I'm a huge fan of Trinity (The Tuck) Taylor. She blew me away on Season 9 & has continued to raise the bar on All Stars. Valentina is probably the most beautiful person I've ever seen on the show. I think she embodies a persona that has not been showcased before in the previous 10 seasons. I must give credit to my Season 8 sister, Naomi Smalls. We may have had our differences during & after our season, but talent, growth & maturity deserve recognition.

Tell us about your upcoming appearance at the Big Apple Circus this Sunday, January 20th at 4PM.

I'm opening the show with "Circus" & it's truly a dream come true! This has been on my vision board since watching Britney perform at the Big Apple Circus on her birthday, December 2nd in 2008. You can expect more singles from the Circus album & other surprises during the after party in the Mirror Room with DJ Ty Sunderland at 6PM.

Have you ever performed at Lincoln Center during your illustrious career?

I haven't & that's what makes this performance so special. I can check this one off my list. I'm coming for Radio City Music Hall & Madison Square Garden next, but that's a lot of "Work Bitch"!

What Britney classics will you be performing too?

Obviously, the singles "Womanizer", "If U Seek Amy" & "Radar", but I have to throw in some of my other favorites from the Circus album as well. You just never know what can happen "in the center of the ring".

Besides this fabulous evening, what else do you have coming up in 2019?

I'm celebrating 20 years of Britney's hits this year with a show that pays tribute to some of her most iconic & legendary performances. I'm also working on a 1-hour Britney theatre show to perform all of over the world. It's Derrick Bitch & I'm always ready to serve you Britney… One More Time.

Head over to www.DerrickBarry.com for all the latest news & updates.

Thanks to photographer Christopher DeVargas for the photo. 

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