EXCLUSIVE: Eliad Cohen Talks His Upcoming Superhero Underwear Party

Credit: Jeff Dorta

Eliad Cohen has developed a name for himself as one of the biggest party producers in the world. Oh and he’s also fine as hell to look at. Didn’t want to forget mentioning that. 


The fur-tacular specimen is the owner of Papa Party, a leading gay party brand that has hosted recent events in Madrid, London, Tel Aviv, and Sao Paulo. His gathering will make its way to Washington D.C. on October 18 for the second annual Superhero Underwear Party by La Fantasy Productions.

Taking place at Saint Yves (1220 Connecticut Ave NW), the event will feature party founder Eliad Cohen, DJ Alex Acosta, and local gay party producer Q, aka Mother Fantasy, of La Fantasy Productions, celebrating his birthday.

Credit: Dennis Largeron

is excited about his partnership with Cohen and the Papa Party brand. “I see it as a way to get DC on the global party map!”

Papa Party is a combination of high-energy, progressive music, arranged by world-class DJs, with surprise performances interspersed throughout. Eliad chatted with Instinct exclusively about how this event came to be and why partygoers should head there in October for what will be an unforgettable night. 

Credit: Jeff Dorta

Tell us more about Papa Party and how it began?


In 2009 I finished in the Army, moved to Tel Aviv and started to work with Arisa – a party with Middle Eastern music. Our promo videos got millions of views on YouTube and we subsequently did tours in Brazil, Canada and Europe.

Two years later I started the Papa World Tour at Tel Aviv Pride 2011. The party was a huge success and became an international success all around the world.

What is your involvement in it and what kind of ensembles can fans expect to see you in the night of the event? 

I’m the owner and the producer of Papa Party. Every few months I create a new concept with new visuals, clothes for the dancers and flyers. In the party I’m with the DJ, on stage and in my favorite place – the dance floor together with all the other Papitos.


What can fans expect to happen this time around? 

The first edition of Papa Washington was a big success. This time Q (AKA Mother Fantasy) and I are bringing Papa Heroes to town with a new venue and a big production unlike anything people have seen in the nation’s capital before!

Why DC of all places? 

I’ve done several cities in the United States: NYC, Miami, LA, Palm Springs, Houston and many more.


When Q contacted be about doing Papa DC, I wasn’t familiar with the city’s nightlife. I asked around and heard many great things about Q as a producer and about DC nightlife so we gave it a try with “Army of Love.”

Credit: Jeff Dorta

Do you plan on having this in other cities moving forward? 

Every year we plan our tour around the world and the USA is one of our favorite countries so yes, we’ll be in more cities soon. 

For tickets and additional information, visit https://lafantasyproductions.com

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