EXCLUSIVE: Fitness Star Bremen Menelli Talks Beginnings, Love and Next Steps

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Take a second to appreciate just how gorgeous fitness star Bremen Menelli is. Pretty amazing, right?

The Brazil native has developed a massive following on social media and in the fitness world due to his unbelievable physique, charisma and good looks in a very short time.

His Instagram alone boasts close to 400,000 followers and his YouTube channel continuously provides his fans with the latest in workout tips and advice for you to stay fit all year round. 

The New York local chatted with Instinct about how a devastating injury inspired him to become as fit as he is now, his dating life, hopeful future and dating tips for anyone and everyone. 

What inspired you to get into fitness?

Some of you don’t know, but I was a professional soccer player. I played my whole life. Unfortunately, I got injured and had to quit soccer at that moment. I felt lost and didn’t know what to do. That’s when I found fitness and that connection with people brought back my passion into my life.

Your body is nothing short of amazing. How long did it take you to get this in shape?

I would say it took me a consistent 4 years. And also getting into the world of fitness completions helped me to push it to the next level.

I know you are originally from Brazil and came here many years ago. What made you want to leave your country?

I’ve always been passionate about learning different cultures and languages. I take that also as a challenge. That’s what I did. At the time the economy in Brazil wasn’t helping. I’ve always wanted to come to America, learn English and experience the culture. So I packed my bags four years ago, came here, and never looked back. 


What do you recommend people who want to have a healthier lifestyle do especially with the colder months approaching?

Try to exercise at a consistent pace. Nothing crazy. Doing that regularly will definitely help you stay healthy and have a better quality of life. I see so many cases of young people developing diabetes just for not having a regular physical regiment plus a bad habit of eating fast food. 

Are you dating anyone currently? Do you find that you’re attracted to your own body type?

Yes, I have someone special in my life. I wouldn’t say my own body type. But the attitude and maturity are very important. It’s not just about the physique. There’s much more to add it to that.

What other traits do you look for in a man?

Masculinity and a passion for life.

What big things do you have coming up that our readers should know about?

My website is coming out soon where I’ll be able to connect better with my audience. I’m also traveling to Hawaii and Brazil to work on some great content for my YouTube channel called BREMEN FITNESS

I also partnered with a great coach who’s helping for my next competition in sixteen weeks. There’s a lot going on, but I couldn’t be happier for all the support I’m getting. Being able to inspire people all over the world is the reason why I keep pushing myself everyday.

Just like everyone, I have difficult moments. But it definitely becomes easier for me when I’m reminded by a simple message that I helped someone out there somehow to be better or to step out of a a dark moment. It’s all about staying positive and believing we can all achieve our dreams when we work hard for it.

You can keep up with Bremen on his popular Instagram account here.


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