Exclusive Interview with the Director and Stars of ‘Firebird’

Image via Herrki-Erich Merila/Roadside Attractions

LGBTQ Pride Month is officially here, and with it comes a slew of films and TV shows that are worth a watch. Firebird, a forbidden love story set in the Soviet-era military, is surely one on that list.

Based on a true story adapted from the memoir, The Story of Roman, by Russian actor Sergey Fetisov, Firebird takes place during the Cold War at the height of 1970s Communist rule. It follows a handsome, soulful young soldier who embarks on a clandestine love affair with a charismatic fighter pilot newly stationed at his Air Force Base. Set in a time when men in uniform caught having a sexual affair were dealt with severe punishment, this is a story of two men who risked their freedom — and their lives — as their loyalties were torn between love and service to their country.


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Image via Herrki-Erich Merila/Roadside Attractions

The controversial drama, which has been met with rave reviews while on the festival circuit, is now available on digital and VOD. Starring Tom Prior as Sergey and Oleg Zagorodnii as Roman, and directed by Peeter Rebane, they ultimately hope that Firebird will deepen the dialogue around issues still facing the LGBTQ community and include those directly impacted and those involved in creating change. 

Instinct caught up with the trio to talk more about the film, and you can watch the full interview below…


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