Exclusive: Lachi Brings An Extra Dose Of Girl Power With “What I Want (Dat Body)”

Female representation on the dance floor is never hard to come by, but pop singer Lachi has teamed up again with Danish EDM producer Julian Javan on the slamming new track “What I Want (Dat Body). The inspiration behind the song, according to Lachi, is based it on some real life representations of girl power. She says when it came to writing her latest banger, she imagined all 131-the number of women now serving in both chambers of the 116th-walking into a club and picking out their choice of men.

If there is anyone who has had to channel her own inner girl power to overcome some of her own challenges. Born legally blind into a first generation Nigerian immigrant family, she moved around frequently, from Philadelphia to Upstate New York, and even to North Carolina. Throughout her travels, she never let her disability define who she was, and instead chose to lead with her talent. With vocal chops that were cultivated in her dorm room at University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, she performed for everyone from frat boys to college roommates, and eventually gained a following large enough to be invited to perform at small venues in town. Eventually she moved to New York City to attend NYU and began inviting there.

Artwork Courtesy of Big Management

From Snoop Dogg to Markus Schultz, she has become an international pop, EDM & soul artist, with “What I Want (That Body)” marking her second collaboration with Julian Jevan with the dynamic “Namaste” being their first successful partnership in the Spring of 2018.

Lachi has high hopes for the new single, and looks at “What I Want (That Body) to become an anthem for others “to make their bold leap towards their lives desire”.

To learn more about Lachi, visit https://www.lachimusic.com

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