EXCLUSIVE: Miz Cracker Talks New Tour, Podcast & Song With Jujubee

Miz Cracker is arguably one of the most beloved drag entertainers out there right now. The New York City mainstay’s unique brand of fashion and comedy has done wonders for her career both before, during and after her debut on RuPaul’s Drag Race many years ago.


Things look to be going well for her even during the dreaded COVID months that we’ve collectedly had to suffer through. She’s stayed busy in many different aspects of what it’s like to be in show business by hopping back onto our television screens with a fun foodie show and dropping a sick holiday-related track with fellow RPDR superstar Jujubee called “Eight Days of You” (which you can listen to HERE).


And hang tight all because there’s so much more to come from this one of a kind performer which she talked about in our exclusive interview with her below. And, just as a heads up, we chatted the day Joe Biden & Kamala Harris soared to victory last month hence the first question. 

I mean, I still have a lot of questions prepared for what I know is coming in your career in the upcoming weeks, but I didn’t know that I was going to wake up this morning to such lovely news about how our country’s about to change. So what was your reaction when you found out about Biden winning? When did it happen for you?


Well, I found out because all of these pots and pans and horns and sirens started going off and I heard people cheering. I just at that exact moment happened to open the New York Times front page and I saw right then just as I was hearing the noise. I then got up with my head out the window and screamed while banging my own pots and pans. It’s so wonderful. I feel like it’s the first mitzvah of 2020. I really do.

Yes I’m uptown and was so confused about the noise. Then like a minute later, my sister texted me and I started crying. I think everyone pretty much had a very similar reaction to all this.

I think everybody was near tears or in tears.

Absolutely. Moving on! Can you tell us about the Eater’s Guide to the World and how you got involved in this fun project?


This was a project that Hulu approached us about. They asked if we wanted to do something about food. I was like, “Hello, that’s not only my brand, that’s my lifestyle.” We agreed immediately. They came down and filmed a show that I did with Jan which was followed by us going to drag queen Mecca  Empanada Mama’s. It was such a fun experience.

Yeah because I know you’ve also done like the Bon Appetit Test Kitchen videos in the past. Was that a very similar experience?

Well I was the expert guide this time around. So I really put my culinary chops to work, you know what I mean? I’ve always been sort of the follower. Now I’m telling my own food story and also telling the story of queens at night life, which is a story that’s changing in the way that I grew up, that way of life’s fading. So it’s so wonderful especially now to look back and celebrate those last hours of night life, you know what I mean?


Totally. A big thing you have coming next month obviously is the She’s a Woman podcast. It’s coming out December 7th. What can fans expect from this new venture in your life? 

She’s a Woman is a podcast for anyone who looks in a mirror and says “she’s a woman” and for the people who love them. Basically, we’re just doing interviews with incredible women from all walks of life and all kinds of women to our definition of woman is so expansive and so inclusive. That’s part of the point of the podcast. If you listen to it, you should walk away with a bigger understanding of what it means to be a woman and not a narrower one. That’s our goal.

I swear, you’re busier than most people out there. Then you have She’s a Woman Tour coming out in 2021. This will be in person or will this be virtual? How are you doing this?

So we’re going to do the She’s a Woman Tour when it’s safe. At this point they say it’ll probably be in summer or later. It’s going to be an interesting tour. We’re going to do it when it’s the right time. It’s all brand new music, brand new comedy, and brand new videos. It’s about who I am now.


The tickets are on sale now. Sorry. I just want to make sure that everybody knows that they are on sale even though they will be closer to the summer.

The last time I talked to you was at the beginning of All Stars 5 and I was personally so proud of you for making it to the final three. I know that it wasn’t the easiest thing to do. Would you do it again? Are you done with Drag Race and now you’re just focusing on your own stuff moving forward? 

I think that you’re always done with Drag Race until you get the call and then you’re like, “Here I come!” I would say that RuPaul is like your bladder in your late thirties. When she calls, you go.

What would you say, I would say professionally and personally has been like the high and the low points for you during COVID?


My highest high in the pandemic? God that’s tough to choose. My best moment out of all of this?

Okay. I mean, COVID has done wonders in certain capacities. Hasn’t all been bad.

Right. So I guess I think there’s no moment, but I would say that it’s encouraged me to go inside and learn about myself and really look at myself. So it maybe completely reworked who I want to be and how I want to do my drag. Also it’s helped me go back to old values of how I will do this under any condition.



Do you know what I mean? It’s taught me that I will do this under any condition. I think that’s the high point for me, if that makes sense.

No totally. Go on sorry, go on.

Then the low point is like trying to figure out what to do with my goddamn hands because I am used to being all over the place and now I’m just in my apartment. So I’ve been making these little houses out of Popsicle sticks. 

Credit: Adam Ouahmane

One thing I didn’t ask you before about the podcast, because you’re talking about how you want to have very strong women on. I mean, I feel like Kamala Harris would be a dream guest, but besides Kamala who is your ultimate dream guest if you could secure one, who would it be?

I mean, there’s a lot of different alternate dream guests we would want to have, I think we would want to have Rachel Bloom from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. We’re going to invite her to tour because her writing is so much about the lives of queer people and people of different abilities and people across the gender spectrum. So I think that she’s such a powerful voice.

Also my hero, Nicole Kidman. Oh, I would love to have her because I’m strangely obsessed with her and she has her new show out called The Undoing

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