EXCLUSIVE! Oliver TwiXt Dishes on His Viral ‘ANTM’ Interviews

Credit: Oliver Twixt

Oliver TwiXt is a name that you will definitely hear more of in 2021 and beyond. The Chasing Atlanta star has been carving out a very fun place on the internet thanks to his chats with former America’s Next Top Model contestants that have gone viral while we’ve been stuck inside.


He’s absolute perfection for anyone who is a die-hard ANTM fan like myself. Oliver has chatted with many amazing and polarizing alum like Eugena Washington (above), Keenyah Hill and Ann Markley, who have given us everything we could’ve asked for with the tea that they’ve spilt about their time on the iconic reality competition program.

And fans don’t only tune in for the models. Oliver’s upbeat and effervescent spirit is thrilling to watch as he’s able to keep the conversation going with each subject he interviews which sometimes can last up to 2 or 3 hours! WERK!

The tables were turned on Oliver right before 2020 ended when he was in the hot seat himself at Instinct Magazine. He spoke to us about his viral fame, who he’s dying to interview from ANTM and what’s next as his career continues to boom.

Check out our exclusive interview with him here.

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