Exclusive: One on One With Gay Icon Taylor Dayne

Credit: Peter Baratti

Taylor Dayne is no doubt many things. Gorgeous, extremely talented, a legend in the music industry and of course… a gay icon.

The Long Island native (like me!) has given us a ton of deliciously wonderful hits to bop to over the past thirty years including “Prove Your Love”, “With Every Beat Of My Heart” and my personal favorite “Love Will Lead You Back”.


Taylor, 57, is still making the LGBT community and her fan base smile as the years have gone by. She’s performing all over the world (including a stop in Patchogue, New York, on October 12), dropping songs and staying super relevant decades after we first heard her luscious vocals. 

In an Instinct exclusive, Taylor discusses her favorite moments of her career, including ones that stood out with our community, and so much more. Take a look. 

Credit: Peter Baratti

How does it feel to be returning home to Long Island in October?


Coming home is always just that. Coming home to family, friends and fans. It makes me happy.

Let’s take this all the way back to the beginning of your career. At what point did you realize just how big your gay fanbase was?

I started to see drag shows (which was and is the greatest compliment) where many of the boys were giving Taylor Dayne a run for her money. It was then that I realized what a chord I struck with the gay community.

You are considered by many to be a gay icon. How does it feel to be called that all this time later?


I am amazed and so grateful have the loyalty of my LGBT brothers and sisters. I feel blessed to have them in my life. There’s truly no better audience.

Do you have a moment with the LGBQT community that resonates more than the rest?

I’ve had so many “moments” all over the world. Performing in Vienna at The Life Ball is one. Singing the official Gay Games anthem “Facing a Miracle” in 2010 is another. Finally, performing at a club in Detroit where the roar of the fans was so loud and fired up that it lifted the roof up.


Your album, Can’t Fight Fate, will be celebrating its 30th anniversary release on October 7. Do you have a favorite track from it?

Can’t Fight Fate was my sophomore record. There are two songs on there that I love to this day and still get a kick out of when performing them live: “I’ll Be Your Shelter” and “Love Will Lead You Back”.

How did it feel when “Love Will Lead You Back”, your first number one single, topped the charts?

One word: emotional.


This may sound like a redundant question but do you have a favorite all-time track you’ve recorded?

“Tell It to My Heart”. It started everything.

Credit: Peter Baratti

We haven’t had a new studio album from you since Satisfied was released in 2008. We want to be satisfied again, so are you planning on doing another anytime soon?


i have released singles over the last 7 years. They are much easier to manage, release and distribute, but yes, I’ve recorded an album full of great music called Floor on Fire and just released my new single “Live Without”.

Is there something in your career that you want to do but haven’t accomplished yet?

To win a Grammy!

Do you have a favorite career moment?


I loved sharing my memoir Tell It to My Heart earlier this year and having it be a best seller on Amazon.

Last question: what has the support of the LGBTQ community meant to you over the past three decades?

Loyalty and LIFE!

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  1. I Love Taylor Dayne and her music! Waiting for her new album and what coming next! She’s a performer that it full of surprises for her fans. And her fans love her for that.

  2. I love Taylor Dayne music.
    Taylor looks fantastic and ready to hit the stage again.
    Get your music out there for us.
    Best wishes.


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