Exclusive Premiere: Project Moses Drops “He’s Not Staying” With A Sultry & Transformative Video

The swarthy and sexy Moses brings forth a meaningful and much needed message in today’s world with his latest single “He’s Not Staying”, the second single from Project Moses’s Better Man album. Written and produced by Zach Adam, the song delves into the issue of mental illness, as well as the sadness of someone withdrawing into themselves, who is quite possibly contemplating leaving life behind.

Art Courtesy of Moses

Project Moses says it was important for him to include the track on his album because its message was a relatable one for everyone. “It took me a while to recognize what was going on in my head and the reason why none of my relationships with friends, family, or lovers lasted,” he reflects. He now understands that much of his pain actually stems from the rejection he felt from his family after revealing he was gay. “For whatever reason, the feeling of abandonment cut deep into my heart.”

Project Moses loves the beach, choosing to film the video for “He’s Not Staying” in the gay summer resort town of Fire Island Pines. He and director Zach Adam shot the video in November when the island is extremely quiet. “It was somber, cold and reclusive,” recalls Project Moses, “the perfect setting for the dark subject matter of this single.” “I’ve been on both sides of the relationship, the one who is not staying and the one left behind,” Project Moses went on to say. “Neither feels so great. My hope is that those who listen to “He’s Not Staying” are inspired to reconsider leaving. One step to becoming a Better Man is to be a rock for someone you love.”

Art Courtesy of Moses

“My mom cried when I played the song for her,” Project Moses reveals from his home in New York City. “It was the first time she realized how close I came to ending it all. I had to explain to her that I no longer had those feelings. Just as the song evolves from a gloomy, ominous sound and visual to a more progressive, light at the end of the tunnel vibe, I too, have transformed.”

Project Moses’ “He’s Not Staying” will be available for purchase on May 12 on Apple iTunes, Amazon, and all other major music retailers, as well as for streaming through Spotify and Apple Music.

“The Better Man” album releases Fall 2020.

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