EXCLUSIVE: Trixie Mattel on UNHhhh’s Return, Katya Being a Psychopath and Her Favorite Moment From This Past Year

It’s hard to be a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race and not know at least one or two very specific things about Trixie Mattel. Her influence on the show was so big that she was the first queen to actually have a #justice hashtag happen for them when she got eliminated in the fourth episode during the 7th season of the show. She came back, didn’t win, but even if she didn’t return it wouldn’t have mattered as she’s been able to create a career for herself outside of the Emmy-award winning program that is beyond impressive at this point.


Since her initial season, Trixie has done more than most (in any sort of entertainment-based career). She created an insatiably naughty and hilarious webseries called UNHhhh with fellow fan fave Katya that eventually became a series on VICE, had her album go to number one, worked with several major names in the cosmetics industry and won All Stars 3 earlier this year. Not too shabby.

Trixie was one of the many RPDR queens who was in attendance at DragCon NYC this past weekend, where her line seemed to go from the Jacob Javitz Center all the way to Queens and back. What’s remarkable about her is that she took time to talk to as many of her fans as possible, which isn’t easy given that the amount ranged in the thousands but the Wisconsin-native seems to be fully aware of the type of celebrity that she is: a known and well-liked star but a regular person at the same time.

Amid all the chaos that DragCon brings, Trixie was nice enough to once again chat with me (we spoke originally at the AS3 premiere back in January), aboutUNHhhh being back, her biggest moment from the past year and why she wants to floss with a hot guy’s back hair. Woof. Check it out.

So I learned this morning that your lovely show UNHhhh is back!

Yes it is! We’ve been sitting on the secret for a while. We’re excited, we’ve filmed… we’re like 9 episodes deep so we’re very excited. Having Katya back in working order, you know, and even at her healthiest is a psychopath so we are happy to have her.

You just turned 29? Right?

Yes! Ask me how I became one of the most famous drag queens in the world by 30? ASK ME!

Trixie Mattel (in my RuPaul voice), how did you become one of the most famous drag queens in the world by 30?

Long-wearing lip color and yellow Red Bull.

I mean this year has been pretty epic for you, do you have a favorite moment?

No, um well, gotta be honest, Drag Race and doing it again and winning it was cool. Having my album go to number one for the second time was, I mean come on, stupid. One Stone, Two Birds shot back up the charts which was like, you know, I’m not a scientist. I don’t write that music for money, I write it for fun, so I was gagged. And of course, Katya and I both feel out of everything we’ve done that the show is our favorite.

You spoke on Entertainment Tonight about how one of your fans fainted when she met you. Is that weird for you?

Well, here’s a story. Once I was filming with Nightline and they were like, “do people ever get tattoos of you?” and I just turned around and said “does anybody in line have a tattoo?” and like 10 hands shot up. I’m an easy tattoo, though, because its just lines.

You mentioned that one of your biggest Instagram crushes is Hunter Harden, who happens to be one of my besties.

Oh yeah, I would floss with his back hair. It looks so beautiful.

So what do you have going on for the next couple of months being the big international star that you are?

Well, I have 10 more dates of my world tour and we are doing it in all secondary markets… weird cities. So like Fargo, crazy stuff. And then we are doing three shows of my show Super Bowlcut, which is a show about bowl cuts. And then I’m doing a show called Troop Beverly Heels with Peaches Christ!

For more on Trixie, check out her official website here

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