‘Explant’ Explores The #1 Cosmetic Surgery & Why Knowledge Is Crucial

Documentaries from the brilliant team at World of Wonder have explored everything from Chaz Bono’s transition journey (Becoming Chaz) to the boys that work on the Santa Monica strip (101 Rent Boys) but the latest documentary to come from Randy Barbato & Fenton Bailey pulls back the curtain on the number one cosmetic surgery in the world today; breast enhancements with Explant


Author, singer, and RuPaul’s Drag Race judge Michelle Visage believes that the breast implants that she has had most of her life are making her sick-and she is definitely not alone. Women all over the nation have come forward with these claims, directly going up against the medical community and their claims that these implants are completely safe. Directed by Emmy-winning filmmaker Jeremy Simmons, the doc does give us an interview from the first-ever recipient of the modern-day breast implant, as well as a confession from a whistleblower, but the most compelling part of the story are the complications that have shadowed those with implants for years, and why it has taken this long for the medical community to start listening. Visage bravely tells her own story throughout the doc, with her vulnerablity and support from husband David Case (both of which are also Executive Producers on the doc) both being paramount. 

For her own part, Michelle Visage believes that it is simply about honesty in our healthcare community; honesty that is long overdue. She told me exclusively “Women deserve the right to know what we are putting into our bodies. We have been lied to and passed off as “hysterical” for long enough. It’s time for someone to take responsibility for all of the illness breast implants have caused for so many women and its time for us to FINALLY be told the TRUTH.“

‘Explant’ makes its world premiere on June 13th at Tribeca at Home

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