Eye Candy Can Be Good For The Soul (Or Other Things)

Fitness motivator Joel Green (via Instagram)

Checking in with some of our favorite hotties of Instagram this weekend.

First up, Joel Green (above) pondered on moments that define us, and we had a ‘moment’ of our own. Follow Joel on Instagram here.

Olympic diver Tom Daley is doing his dolphin thing at the aquatic center keeping his eye on the upcoming Olympics:

Wilhelmina model Pierre Vuala was looking for a volleyball partner:

Actor Luke Evans is considering becoming a doggie daddy:

Carson Tueller has been killing at the gym and has a message for the fitness industry:

DJ (and Daddy Wolf) Thiago Oliveira reminds us to hydrate after a workout:


Fitness guru and ‘Survival of the Fittest’ alum Ryan Cleary sent good vibes from the UK:


Bruno Tarchetti threw out some Insta-costume change:

When in doubt, Griff follows the wisdom of the ages – strike a pose:

And Dan Tai, like most of us, was just happy to get to the weekend:


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