Fab The Duo Jumpstart Your Week With A Party In The Desert

Fab the Duo drop their new single "Good Distraction"
Fab the Duo – Greg Driscoll (R) and Brendan Eprile (L)

After a year in quarantine, Fab The Duo is back with their euphoric new single “Good Distraction,” a post-pandemic paean to unbridled freedom with an upbeat chorus and top-shelf production.

The dynamic duo, Greg Driscoll and Brendan Eprile, penned the tune aiming for something that “uplifts the lonely, empowers the sad, and gives listeners an exhilarating three-minute distraction from the world.”

Fab the Duo (promo photo)
Fab the Duo (promo photo)

The visually striking music video chronicles the couple on a free-spirited scenic joy ride in a ‘66 Mustang convertible. Along the way they stop to play out in the desert because, hey, it’s their party and they’ll jam if they want to.

Almost a character unto itself is the eye-catching gender-fluid fashion as the guys sport fluffy pink jackets, rainbow saches, and their signature eight-inch heels.

Cover image for the new single from Fab the Duo "Good Distraction"
Cover image for the new single from Fab the Duo “Good Distraction”

With the release of “Good Distraction,” Fab The Duo are ready to take the world by storm and continue making history as an unapologetic, gender-bending, interracial gay couple and rockstar collaborators.

Flaunt writes, “If you’re not familiar with Fab The Duo, prepare to fall in love.”

The alternative-pop duo recently shifted their home base to Los Angeles where they hope to smash societal norms through music and love.


Previously hailing from New York, the glamorous boyfriend pair quickly become rising stars in New York City’s nightlife and music scene, performing to energetic crowds at The Bitter End, The Stonewall Inn, and The Cutting Room, as well as recently to the executives at The Madison Square Garden Company.



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