Facebook Drops The Pride Reaction Emoji!

Facebook Drops The Pride Reaction Emoji!

Is Their Simple Reason A Poor Excuse?

#NOOOO!!!! Say it ain’t so! Are you wondering where the heck the adorable Facebook “(LGBTQ) Pride” reaction is?! We had it last year on June 1st, 2017 and everyone’s scratching their heads to why we don’t have it again. Well, it turns out the answer is pretty diplomatic in general, but our social media is going to be a little less festive.

According to Business Insider, Facebook is still going to be celebrating Pride with a variety of digital stickers. However, the world’s game changing social media network is doing away with any and all custom reactions for major holidays and moments in culture. Unfortunately, last year’s Pride reaction was simply a “new experience test”.

We shouldn’t get our panties in too much of a bunch: They did nix any and all reactions aside from their standard. And, you can still have a variety of Pride frames, backgrounds, filters, and stickers available in Facebook Messenger and Camera. And, of course – we have Instagram – who has Pride stickers all year round.

Do you understand Facebook’s reason behind the unfortunate drop?

2 thoughts on “Facebook Drops The Pride Reaction Emoji!”

  1. It’s 20 to the fkn 18! Come

    It's 20 to the fkn 18! Come on people get with the program. We have earned that flag, it's symbolize freedom, uniqueness and fabulousness. I'm a proud gay! 

  2. Yep I get it.  If we do it

    Yep I get it.  If we do it then the Nazis will want theirs on there and the religious nut jobs want theirs,  etc… 


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