Facebook Removes Page For Queer Arts Organization ‘Naked Boys Reading’

I’m almost completely opposed to censorship, except when it comes to outright lies or dangerous hate speech. Otherwise, I’m far more in favor of simply labeling and classifying. I’m definitely opposed to the alleged censorship of a Facebook group dedicated to naked men reading books.

According to Pink News, the Facebook page of "international literary salon" Naked Boys Reading (NBR), a live show where performers read aloud from books other texts completely nude, has been completely deleted.

Justin Hunt, founder of NBR, says that on Tuesday he was logging in and discovered the page was erased.

Speaking to Pink News, Hunt said that the page was used primarily as a space to promote upcoming events,” while also featuring non-explicit photos from their events. He says the removal of it has left him “enraged for the way in which a closed platform continues to police and censor queer aspects of our culture.”

“I see this as part of a queer erasure by Facebook over the past year if not two. The queer erasure arises through at least the policing of sex positive and queer signifiers and removal of queer as a possible event tag.”

“Facebook is a business tool and we all want to use it in that way; but we want diversity in how these tools can be employed.”

Since news of the page’s deletion broke, other queer arts, news and entertainment organizations have come forward with similar experiences.

For more on this story, head over to Pink News.

For more on NBR:


Naked Boys Reading official website

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2 thoughts on “Facebook Removes Page For Queer Arts Organization ‘Naked Boys Reading’”

  1. Why do they have to read

    Why do they have to read something naked in front of the audience? I am glad these videos got deleted by Facebook.

    • 1. Turn in your gay card

      1. Turn in your gay card

      2. Read the article – they didn't post anything nude

      3. If you don't like it, don't fucking go

      4. Get the stick out of your ass


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