Facebook Users Will Know If Russia Got To Them!

Facebook Users Will Know If Russia Got To Them!

A New Tool Will Tell If You’ve Been Scammed By Fake News!

Do you recall the absolute mess of the 2016 Presidential Election? I’m sure you do. How can we avoid it?! There has been endless speculation and confirmation that Russia played a role in the selection of our next president. I mean, come on, does anyone truly believe that Donald Trump won the election fair and share? It still seems morally wrong. The nonsense continues to stop, especially with Trump tweeting literally whatever comes to his mind. It’s not like this man is complaining about long lines at the grocery store or traffic in Los Angeles – he’s talking about, causing a god damn war.

According to the Huffington Post, Facebook is launching a new tool that will let us know if we’ve been infiltrated by Russia’s fake propaganda against America:

“The tool will reveal to users whether they interacted with Facebook or Instagram accounts operated by the Internet Research Agency, a St. Petersburg-based company believed to have been employed by the Kremlin to spread political messages throughout the election. The tool will apply only to content users may have interacted with between January 2015 and August 2017. Facebook expects to roll it out by the end of the year.”

It is completely important to know how some were plagued by Russia infiltrators. In my head, I can’t imagine myself having ran into any of these advertisements, but there is always a question of: What if? As a registered Democrat, living in a California which was clearly going blue, was I even offered or targeted to have fake news advertised on my social media?

It’s bizarre how much social media has affected our lives. Hell, it’s likely how you’re reading this article right now. The majority of our news isn’t coming from newspapers or news anchors: We’re receiving it from our phones and our favorite blogs. It’s important to have this information verified and accurate. In all aspects, but especially in the wake of an incredibly controversial election for the United States!

Upon reading more of Huffington Post’s article, I was shocked to discover:

“In one case [of Russian meddling], Russians masqueraded on Facebook as both a pro-Islam group and an anti-Islam group, then scheduled opposing rallies on the same day in the same area of Houston.”

This is all completely terrifying. I am still manifesting somehow we’re about to get the entire administration out of The White House, but in the meantime…at least there is clarity coming, right? Let’s see what Trump has to tweet about when this information is released.

Do you think you've been fooled by Russia's infiltration?

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