Faith No More’s Roddy Bottum Releases New Single ‘Daddy’

Credit: Roddy Bottum Instagram

Roddy Bottum, who rose to fame forty years ago with his band Faith No More, has been making the most out of his time in self-isolation from a professional perspective. 

The 56-year-old studmuffin revealed that he’s been working on new music with his equally hunky boyfriend Joey Holman (pictured above to his right) that the masses will soon be able to enjoy.


“We’ve talked about projects in quarantine, y’all n me,” he tweeted on Sunday, May 17. “I’m happy to announce that me and Joeys record is finished and we’ll release our first single, Daddy, next week. We’re calling it MAN ON MAN. Love yous.”


Roddy has been hinting about them dropping new music over the past month which his followers have been very receptive to. “As a long-time fan of yours, this is adorable and incredible,” one tweeted which another commented on his amazing aesthetic. “I am 36 and you look younger than me. Nice mustache.”


The Los Angeles, California musician came out of the closet all the way back in 1993 during an interview with The Advocate. “I would never have thought as a gay teen I’d be in a band that would be considered heavy metal or hard rock,” he later told the publication in 2001.

Roddy also fronted the 90’s band Imperial Teen who is most known for their song “Yoo Hoo” from the cult classic Jawbreaker

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