Falwell Scandal Continues With ‘Skin Flute’ Lessons On Son’s Friend

Oh, Becki’s been busy!


When I last reported on The Falwells, it was apparent that there were possibly more skeletons in their closet following the allegation that the couple had a lurid 3-way love tryst with Miami pool boy Giancarlo Granda.

It seems at this point the Falwells are averaging one new sex scandal per week, with a new claim being raised by a former classmate of the couple’s son Trey Falwell. The classmate alleges that Becki Falwell, performed oral sex on him when he slept over at their house after band practice with Trey. Both Trey and his classmate, 22, were students of Liberty University at the time in 2008. 

As the former student explained to Politico, Becki was the aggressor that night and literally jumped into bed with him and went to town, presumably while the others in the house were asleep. Somewhat reluctantly, he went along with it that one time, but he claims the preacher’s wife continued to pursue him as he rejected her later advances, attempted to buy him gifts, and flirted through Facebook.

The former student provided many text messages to Politico to support his claim that Becki had an interest in him that was inappropriate. From what I saw of the screenshots, it appears she almost became stalker-ish, often getting upset when the young man took too long to reply to her messages:







Former Liberty University classmates of the student have come forward to corroborate the story, claiming that the student, now 34, confided in them when it happened. The story was clear, Becki got into bed with him in Falwell’s home, pulled down his pants, and started to perform oral sex, and he let her. However, he also claims the incident led to depression, remorse, and shame in the following days. 

As with the previous accusations of sexual improprieties made by Giancarlo Granda, Jerry and Becki have denied the student’s accusation,


“These false and mean spirited lies have hurt us and our family greatly and we will respond fully with the truth at an appropriate time,” the couple told Politico.”

The former student felt obligated to now tell his story publicly, citing that Becki used her authority and position to take advantage of him sexually; basically, he regards it as “abuse of power.” I agree it’s definitely an abuse of power. However, if true, it’s also another act of hypocrisy and double standard from the Falwell’s, the so-called “Christians” with “family values” always asking “What would Jesus do?”

Honey, at this point, a better question might be, “WHO did Becki Falwell NOT do?

Read the full scandal at Politico

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  1. From the hypocrisy in the GOP, to the hypocrisy in the Bible, there’s not much difference. From ‘thou shalt not kill….” to, “the wages of sin is death” and other penalties bestowed upon Slaves who “act up”, “wifes who are unfaithful”, “enemies of all kinds and the blessing/strength God shows to the believers versus Phillistines and Eygyptian. Where’s their redemption, where’s their salvation, where’s their forgiveness? The GOP has their, “My body, my right” moto for mask mandates and vaccines then completely forget it when it comes to reproductive rights and women’s right to choose. Many if not most are OK with “pulling the plug” on Grandma when there is no “brain activity” , yet before 12 weeks, there is little to no fetal brain activity and they are all upset about abortion. NOW , to sex…with Jim Baker, and his Crew, and now the Falwells, this pent-up Sexual trysts have just made those who never believed say, “See, told ya so,” and those who will always believe say, “it’s a trap” like the fish commander in Star Wars. High time we stop listening to these Millionaire so-called righteous people, and pay more attention to the reason for the season, the people under the steple, the actual workers in the field doing what the philosophy of Christianity is about. There are non-religious people doing Christ-like work, who, like the Good Samaritan, neither Jewish nor Christian, will find a place waiting for them in heavan if there is one. It’s those who had a front row seat to the “word of God”, professed to being not only a believer but a messenger in the religion, who will be held MOST accountable if there is a judgement day. I personally feel should that day come, that a Rosanne Rosana-Dana “Ops, Nevermind.” isn’t going to suffice. Takes a special kind of person to take MILLIONS while hypocitically living the lives they call out for sinfulness. “What would Jesus do?” Well, not this. GOP lies and the people who tell them.


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