Famous Theater Star Comes Out But Quickly Hated For His Love Of Sports

This past week Mexican actor, singer, and influencer Alan Estrada went to twitter to broadcast his sexual orientation.   


Estrada’s family and friends already knew this about his life but it was kept private and out of the press.  So why come forth now? He revealed the reason he broke that silence with the world was because of the December holidays where he saw people often face rejection or even do not go home because of that fear.

Also known as “Allen X The World”, he shared:

I never talk about my private life, my close circle knows that I am gay and I am surrounded by beautiful people. But this Christmas I have seen many people suffer because of their orientation and the rejection of their family. You are not alone, I celebrate you and you deserve to love and be loved.

Yay! Visibility is key, important and needed. The more the merrier!


Estrada is one of the Spanish-speaking world’s leading musical theater performers. Building his career over the past couple of decades, famously with making his name in “Hoy No Me Puedo Levantar ” with productions in Mexico and Spain in 2008 and again in 2014.

Besides the musical, Mexicans and the world have seen him in many films, reality shows, and soap operas. 

Estrada is a public figure and has been traveling the world, documenting his journeys on his YouTube channel Alan X el Mundo as well as his Instagram @alanxelmundo. His Instagram account may have been what has caused him to have that, “we love you for coming out” adoration and thanks being quickly ripped away for Estrada is a soccer fan and his attendance at the Qatar 2022 World Cup was not deemed as the correct gay thing to do. Many on the socials are basically saying, “Thanks for coming out, Estrada, but now you’re a hypocrite!”


The translation reads:

My first world cup It is impressive to see how Mexicans pack the stadium #mexicomanda A World Cup full of controversies, but in the end I believe that the problems of a country like Qatar are becoming evident and this will probably be what will initiate the inevitable change. In my stories I share everything. Long live Mexico! Thank you @corona_mx for inviting me! Leave you this musical number #Aire


We all know that homosexuality is criminalized  in Qatar, punishable by jail, flogging, or death. And people reminded him of this in their social media posts. 

You can go over to his socials where he defends him attending the World Cup, not only for work, but education, and as well to have a presence and document.

What do you think Instincters?  Should we shun every single person for attending, watching, thinking about the World Cup?

2 thoughts on “Famous Theater Star Comes Out But Quickly Hated For His Love Of Sports”

  1. I personally applaud/celebrate anyone who comes out gay. Not everyone is perfect and some downright are oblivious to places or people who are anti-gay. I feel like education is the best and shunning someone should be reserved for people who are continually anti-gay and purposeful about it.

  2. When I was a kid, I’d probably have said, “Yes!” But after decades of experience, I know that presence and visibility leads to change. Was he visible in Qatar? Probably not. But he was there. And now he’s out. And maybe that’s a clever way to be as visible in Qatar as one can be at the moment. It wasn’t as bold as a Rosa Parks move. But all things considered, people in Qatar who interacted with Alan and now know – well, maybe that’s as good as it gets right now. We never know what’s going to work. I wouldn’t be so presumptuous as to shun someone who tries something different than what my current idea is of what might be the best way to create change.


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