Fans Are Salivating Over Adam Demos’ Full Frontal Scene

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Fans of the Canadian drama Sex/Life got an EYEFUL (and a half) in an episode of the show.

Sex/Life is a Netflix series about “a woman’s daring sexual past” as it “collides with her married-with-kids present when the bad-boy ex she can’t stop fantasizing about crashes back into her life.”


In the first season finale of Sex/Life, fans got a BIG look at Adam Demos’ third leg. And we seriously can’t overstate how much the schlong deserves the thirst it’s getting. It’s just THAT impressive. But don’t take our word for it, check out a clip of the scene and meat stick here.

After seeing the scene, fans of the show quickly took to Twitter to discuss the big reveal. While many praised Demos, some questioned whether the dong belonged to Adam Demos. Other theories were that the penis was a prosthetic or possibly the belonging of a body double.




But, according to series creator Stacy Rukeyser, the piece was wholly Adam Demos’.

“No. That’s not a body double. I mean, people usually ask is it real or is it a prosthetic?’ she told Collider

She then added, “I can tell you what Adam Demos says about it which is, a gentleman never tells. So, we are leaving that up to the viewer’s imagination.”


Adam Demos also noted that he was ok with the full-frontal scene because he had time to prepare mentally for it.

“I was okay with it because you read the script and know what you’re getting yourself into from the start, so I don’t think you would sign on to a show after reading the scripts and then say no last minute,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

“That doesn’t mean you can’t have discussions about comfort level, which they allowed us to have — and with the intimacy coordinator, so it felt a lot safer,” he continued.

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  1. He could easily prove it real. The fact that it is part of the story means it was coordinated. Unless they inspected his pants prior to see before they wrote the story.

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