Fans Around The World Make Hilarious Videos With Lil Nas X’s Hologram

Lil Nas X Press / Jadu App

Lil Nas X has conquered every form of electronic media. His career has been a hot streak of hit records, millions of music streams and downloads, hilarious Twitter and IG clapbacks, and an infamous new music video where he gives Satan a lapdance, in hell, while wearing thigh-high stripper boots. 


But wait, there’s more!

Now, riding on the patent leather heels of his latest megahit, “Montero, Call me by your name,” Lil Nas X pushes the creative boundaries once again. This time the “Old Town Road” rapper ventures into the world of holography for a viral social media campaign partnership with the interactive performance app, Jadu.

Created by 25-year-old augmented reality storytelling pioneer Asad J. Malik, Jadu is a trippy app that brings highly realistic and immersive holograms of famous artists “to life” as interactive meme subjects. 

For example, the Lil Nas X Jadu hologram experience is an adventure in memeland where fans create virtual content starring themselves — and Lil Nas X himself. It looks so real, it’s crazy.

Lil Nas X duets with a fan, and his hologram on TikTok.

Forget what you think you know about holograms; this ain’t that grainy video R2D2 played of Princess Lea in which she deemed OB1Kenobi to be her “only hope.” No, it’s nothing like that creepy-ass Whitney Houston Tour from a couple of years back starring a ghost-like, see-through hollow-gram of the dead pop star that delivered more”weird” than “wow.” Nor is it akin to the impressive Michael Jackson hologram show “ONE” presented by Cirque Du Soleil in Las Vegas —amazing!

Nope, the Jadu hologram is next-level, with a more densely formed hologram that looks more life-life than I’ve ever seen such technology deliver. The fact that it’s app-based is even more compelling.

Fans can now shoot their own video with “Montero” himself on the Jadu app, with Lil Nas X appearing as a hologram in their space using augmented reality. The hologram uses 106 cameras to capture Lil Nas X footage from all angles as it creates a photoreal hologram. 


Over on TikTok, many creators have been posting their original content in a viral Lil Nas X challenge. One of the more clever posts incorporated the Lil Nas Hologram as a co-star in a TV sitcom with laugh tracks from a studio audience. It was very innovative and clever. Lil Nas X himself duetted and shared it!


@theofficialop @jaduhologram

♬ CALL ME BY YOUR NAME BY LIL NAS X – not lil nas x

Since launching last year, the app has captured holograms for beloved, cult-following musicians and influencers, including Josh Richards (of TikTok/ Triller fame), K Camp(known for the TikTok viral hit “Lottery”) Pussy RiotPalaye RoyaleVic Mensa and Sir Chloe

Check out these fun examples of the hologram in action: @ajm0111, @rls504 … and then, show Lil Nas X what you got and share your co-starring video on TikTok. Lil Nas X will be watching!

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