Fans Blast Lady Gaga For Delaying ‘Chromatica’ Album Release

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Lady Gaga fans are pissed about her delaying the release of Chromatica and let their feelings be known about it on social media. 

Chromatica, the New York native’s upcoming sixth studio album, was set to drop on Friday, April 10. Gaga revealed why that now is not happening in a lengthy Instagram post shared on Tuesday, March 24. 

“First of all I want to make sure everyone is staying safe and practicing social distancing,” she began. “Please let me know that I’m thinking of you all.” Gaga then said that after “a lot of deliberation” that she’s postponing the release of Chromatica and will announce a new 2020 release date soon.

The “Poker Face” singer’s reasons for doing this centered on the growing Coronavirus situation which has seen the postponement or cancellations of many major events including Los Angeles Pride and the upcoming Summer Olympic games. She is choosing to spend her present time focusing on the COVID-19 issue at hand by, “getting essential medical equipment to healthcare professionals, making sure kids who depend on public schools for meals get the assistance they need, and that we help those who will be financially impacted by this pandemic.” 

Gaga’s MGM shows from April 30 to May 11 have also been postponed but she is still hopeful that her Chromatica Ball Tour will take place this summer.

Not all of her fans, however, were buying what she was trying to sell with this announcement. “Yup. You’re disappointing us because you’re afraid of what? Record sales, not able to promote this properly? You had a set amount of your fan base locked to buy your album blindly, this move is a wake up call. While other artists are sharing their music to help during this time you reschedule it for a better date to maximize PHYSICAL COPY SALES….. so disappointed.”

Another chimed in with, “Translation, I don’t wanna release yet because I’m afraid if there are no radio/ conference/ festival/ even bar promotions then i won’t make it on the billboards.”

Others were confused as to why she’s doing this given that millions of us have remained indoors in the past couple of weeks. “I was so waiting for it like it was a ray of light during the quarantine. Honestly, this was such a good time to release it, since we are all locked up in our homes and alone and bored. We would have streamed the hell out of it.”

What are your thoughts, Instinct Magazine readers. Has Gaga made the right decision by postponing the release of Chromatica or will this backfire on her, sales wise? 

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  1. it’s her album, and her right to do with it what she pleases. But it’s not like she’s out handing out masks and supplies right now, so this reasoning definitely feels ridiculous. There’s a game to be played in the record industry, we all know that. I get it…. but I understand why people feel ripped.


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