Fans Demand A Refund For Kanye West’s Busted Brunch

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Fans cried foul over a pitiful brunch offered up by Kanye West at his “Sunday Service” church performance in Baton Rouge on Friday. Photos from Kanye’s busted “Brunchella” have been popping up all over the Internet. The event was promoted as a performance and brunch buffet with religious overtones to promote the theme of his new music release. “Brunchella” took place underneath the three towering crosses at Bethany Church, a location chosen explicitly by West because of its “spiritual atmosphere.” West made headlines earlier in the week by yet again defending Donald Trump, denouncing African Americans for “having no culture” (whaaaat?), and debuting a bizarre, religious-themed clothing line.

One of the most revealing pics from West’s brunch debacle came from Facebook user Kimberly Kinchen, who shared screenshots of her event receipt for $54.66, which included the admission to Kanye’s performance and the brunch buffet. Of course, the post made it to Twitter, along with the photo below that looks like the meal was provided by the Dollar Store food aisle:

Kinchen’s complaint and pics have now been shared thousands of times, and others are chiming in to also bash the event, comparing it to the infamous photo of the “gourmet” dinner from the 2017 disastrous Fyre Festival:

Kinchen makes her disappointment clear, and along with a few other Brunchella guests, she is demanding a refund. She put the festival on blast, not by only lighting it up the Internet, but also by contacting WAFB News 9 to cover the story and bring awareness to what she considers fraudulence.

According to Kinchen’s Facebook post:

“This is the wonderful & COLD brunch BUFFET we are being served by Boil & Roux BR. & the server looked at me crazy when I asked for another pancake. WAFB Channel 9 can y’all cover a story on this because I want my coins back for a general admission ticket (FREE TICKET). I opted out of a small scoop of cold grits.”

Kimberly Kinchen Facebook

This really is a pathetic display for a man of West’s means. He can do better. Between his personal fortune and his mega-money wife, you would think, in the very least, the food could have been served on Coronette and not flimsy Styrofoam plates.

Then again, by the looks of it, Kinchen should be happy there were even any plates at all.  A cold buffet – and another hot mess from Con-ye West.


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