Fans of SyFy’s “Krypton” Are Asking If Adam Strange Is Gay/Bisexual

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Did DC TV just turn a classic comic book character gay/bisexual?


The latest episode of tv show Krypton, which focuses on the home world of Superman before it was destroyed, has placed a very unsubtle hint to make us think so.

The Krypton version of Adam Strange, played by Shaun Sipos, is very different from his comic book counterpart. He’s the brash type that acts before he thinks, as opposed to the high-tech academic that he is in his original context.

That said, the latest episode of Krypton titled “House of Zod” may have piqued our interest in the character.

In the episode, Strange receives a message from ostracized Segl-El (plaed by Cameron Cuffe). In an effort to reach his loved ones, Seg finds a way to contact Adam Strange through a communicator. Strange then leaves to deliver the message to Segl-El’s lover Lyta-Zod (played by Georgina Campbell).


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After hearing the message, Lyta hatches a plan to save her lover and demands that Strange help her. She then tells him to join her in a unisex locker room to prepare. It’s there that we get the scene everyone’s talking about.

While in the locker room, Adam Strange sees a naked male soldier inside. The camera pans over the naked male as if its Strange getting an eyeful of the man.


The male soldier then smiles before walking away (to give Strange the full view) and does the classic whipped towel over the shoulder. The camera lingered on the man’s bare ass for a few moments before turning to Adam who stared on.

Clearly, this scene is giving us the implication that Adam Strange is gay or bisexual, but will the show play with that idea more? Perhaps that male soldier will get a bigger role and the two characters will play off each other (pun intended) for a few episodes or more.

We’ll have to see in following episodes.

Krypton airs on Syfy every Wednesday at 10pm EST.

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  1. When Adam is looking for Seg,

    When Adam is looking for Seg, he describes him as having piercing eyes and legs for days.


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