Fawaz Had Been Banned From The Property Since Trashing It Last Year

Fadi Fawaz and George Michael (via Twitter)

Just days before the fourth anniversary of the Christmas Day death of pop star George Michael, his ex was found breaking into Michael’s £5 million London townhouse.

The Sun reports Fadi Fawaz, 47, had apparently climbed over the security fence and broke a window in order to gain entrance to the home.


A witness told the publication, “Fadi looked in a bad way, like he’d been living rough. He was very emotional.”

According to reports, he screamed at the police as he was being dragged out of the Regent Park home, “This is my place. George wanted me to have it.”

Although he was forcibly removed from the property, the authorities did not charge the Fawaz with any crimes.


The former hairdresser had been banned from the property since July 2019 when Fawaz was discovered in a drugged out rage taking a sledgehammer to the walls, ceilings and even toilets last year.

Prior to that, Fawaz had been living in the home since finding George, 53, dead in his bed on Christmas Day in 2016. The two had been dating since 2012.

But in June 2019, it was revealed that Michael left his £97.6 million estate to family members and professional associates, but not a dime was set aside for Fawaz.


(source: The Sun)

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