Fearing Arrest, Now Says He Merely ‘Ate Sandwiches Under A Tree’

Gay Trump supporter says he fears for his life after taking part in Capitol invasion
Kristopher Dreww (image via social media/AdorableDeplorable)

Gay Trump supporter Kristopher Dreww (with two ‘w’s) says he now fears for his life as law enforcement officials are arresting those who took part in the violent invasion of the U.S. Capitol last week.

Dreww, who was a proud participant in the insurrection, took to social media during the melee on Wednesday to boast about being a part of the mob that stormed the Capitol building.


“I just got back from storming the Capitol,” said an energized Dreww. “It was successful. For all you bitches on Facebook going crazy talking about it was Antifa, f*cking being infiltrated, saying it wasn’t us, it was us. We proudly took back our Capitol.”

“They brought the National Guard out for us. We had the (expletive) cops running from us. Not because they are bitches but because they are smart.”

“God we did it today!” added Dreww. “We did it! It was exhilarating and it felt so f*cking good!”



But that was then, this is now and the authorities are now charging the insurrectionists for their actions.

In an interview with the Orange County Register, the self-described ‘Adorable Deplorable’ says “I’m scared, I fear for my life.”


Described as ‘choking back tears,’ he told the Register he drove home from Washington D.C. to Huntington Beach all while receiving ‘death threats from both Trump supporters and detractors.’

Dreww says he arrived in Washington on Wednesday morning in time to catch some of Donald Trump Jr.’s address to the mob outside the White House. Following that, he went to his hotel and while waiting for his car to parked by a valet he became aware of the burgeoning insurrection.

The hairdresser says he raced to the Capitol building but instead of going “storming the Capitol,” now he says he sat outside under a tree eating sandwiches with a nurse and a teacher.


Fearing arrest by the FBI,  the ‘Adorable Deplorable’ denies actually taking part in the invasion. 

Absent the swagger of his earlier messages, Dreww now says, “I never went inside the Capitol.” Today, he explains the ‘we’ he referred to in his initial video message in regard to taking back the Capitol was a collective ‘we’ and not ‘he.’

“I am a waste of time (for authorities to investigate), but there are other people who did terrible things and should be arrested,” said the 32-year-old in what the Register describes as ‘subdued.’ “I didn’t go to Washington for Donald Trump. I went there for everyone’s vote to count.”


“I do regret not doing my research and not knowing what people were in there,” adds Dreww. “I am proud we took back our house, but I thought we took it back peacefully.”

Dreww also expressed concern for his beauty salon business as his Yelp page is now receiving 1-star reviews from people calling him out as a domestic terrorist.

(Source: Orange County Register)

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