‘Fellow Travelers’ Inspires Jonathan Bailey’s LGBTQ+ Charity Shirt

Jonathan Bailey recently launched his LGBTQ+ charity called The Shameless Fund, which is said to be his most personally meaningful project to date. Not to mention, LOEWE and creative director Jonathan Anderson put in efforts to help on said charity.


According to Vogue, “The Shameless Fund seeks to harness the power of celebrity to raise money for LGBTQ+ initiatives.” Meanwhile, Bailey told the outlet:

“A few years ago I thought, What can you do as an actor? There are so many amazing people who are on the frontline. They’re the real heroes that are working for organizations, and charities, and initiatives, which can speak to so many specific groups of people.”

“How can I raise money without asking people to actually donate and sponsor, [but rather] to invite people to experience art and beautiful, inspiring, naughty, and exciting collaborations?,” he continued.

The campaign photos and videos, especially the suggestive white t-shirt, is the icing on the cake of this amazing charity, as they feature an iconic line from ‘Fellow Travelers’. “Drink your milk” is what Matt Bomer’s character Hawk tells Tim (Bailey) in a scene, and the latter aims to immortalize it through the charity shirt.


“That is a line in Fellow Travelers, immaculately and robustly performed by Matt Bomer in a way that I think will send shudders through many people in the best possible way. I wanted his performance to be immortalized, and I wanted my character’s reaction to it to be immortalized as well. I think this T-shirt does just that,” the ‘Bridgerton’ star expressed.

Moreover, Bailey described his ‘drink your milk’ campaign as “twinkly and naughty.” On that note, you can check out the photos and videos here:


Source: vogue.com

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